Standard IIIB

Physical Resources



IIIB1.  Board Policies and Administrative Procedures (see especially Chapter 7)

IIIB2.  Property appraisal

IIIB3.  SchoolDude

IIIB4.  Table displaying volume of work orders and closed percentage (work orders resolved)

IIIB5.  2015 Buildings and Grounds Program Review

IIIB6.  Board Policy 5.14 - Campus Security Policy

IIIB7.  EMP Website See Goal 2, Transform and sustain College infrastructure. Strategic directions developed for this goal are to support and sustain College infrastructure through an actionable facilities plan, implementation and updating of the Technology Plan, addressing critical facilities needs, creation of clear procedures, and effective personnel planning.

IIIB8.  November 19 PGC presentation on campus security measures

IIIB9.  Chief attends new employee trainings: August 8, 2016, see page 2, August 7, 2014, see 3:30 - 3:50 pm

IIIB10. Screenshot of 1/15/16 Flex Day campus safety workshop (Source: Spring 2016 Flex Day Booklet)

IIIB11. Cleary Report/Activity Log on CCSFPD website

IIIB12. Annual Campus Security Report, 2015

IIIB13. July 16, 2015 Clery Act Compliance Report to Participatory Governance Council

IIIB14. Compliments and complaints website

IIIB15. College Assessment, Intervention, and Response (CAIR) Team website

IIIB16. CAIR website

IIIB17. CCSFPD website

IIIB18. Emergency procedures website

IIIB19. CCSFPD website; see “Current Safety Information and Training”

IIIB20. CCSF Police Department website

IIIB21.  911 Shield Safety App

IIIB22. Online Access Guide

IIIB23. CPPC Program Review rankings

IIIB24. Integrated Planning Cycle; Facilities Master Plan

IIIB25. 2014 Space Inventory

IIIB26. July 2015 Capital Outlay Board Resolution; Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan 2015/2016

IIIB27. Property appraisal

IIIB28. 2015-2017 Technology Plan

IIIB29. FMP Website

IIIB30. Board of Trustees Policy BP 7.34, Site Acquisition

IIIB31. Board of Trustees Policy BP 7.35 Capital Construction

IIIB32. Integrated Planning Cycle

IIIB33. 2015 Buildings and Grounds Program Review

IIIB34. 2014 Buildings and Grounds Program Review

IIIB35. 2015 Program Review Repository

IIIB36. 2014 or Earlier Program Review Repository

IIIB37. 2015-2016 Board of Trustees Goals and College Priorities

IIIB38. Board of Trustees Policy BP 2.07 on Participatory Governance

IIIB39. Capital Projects Planning Committee (CPPC)

IIIB40. 2016 Facilities Master Plan

IIIB41. FMP Work Group

IIIB42. Program Review Resource Request guidelines

IIIB43. Program Review equipment request

IIIB44. Buildings and Grounds - Sample Work Order

IIIB45. Buildings and Grounds - Maintenance Management System Manual

IIIB46. Participatory Governance Council Operational Guidelines

IIIB47. Participatory Governance - Planning Committee Description and Purpose

IIIB48. Capital Projects Planning Committee

IIIB49. 2013 Health Care Technology Department (Health Information Technology Program) Program Review and Resource Requests

IIIB50. 2014 Capital Outlay Resolution No. 141218-VII-A-239

IIIB51. 2015 Health Information Technology Program Review - Resource Linked Progress

IIIB52. Educational Technology Department

IIIB53. Educational Technology Department’s Fall 2015 Program Review

IIIB54. Distance Learning Advisory Committee (DLAC)

IIIB55. Distance Learning Advisory Committee Minutes

IIIB56. Teaching and Learning with Technology Roundtable (TLTR)

IIIB57. Information Technology Services (ITS)

IIIB58. 2015 Information Technology Services (ITS) Program Review; 2014 Information Technology Services (ITS) Program Review

IIIB59. Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)

IIIB60. Information Technology Advisory Committee Minutes

IIIB61. Total Cost of Ownership - Facilities Management Standard Volume 1

IIIB62. Smart Classroom Project Charter - 3/13/15; Smart Classroom Project PGC - 10/15/15; Smart Classroom Technology Standards

IIIB63. Education Master Plan; Facilities Master Plan

IIIB64. City and County of San Francisco Voter Information Pamphlet and Sample Ballot, November 6, 2001

IIIB65. Total Cost of Ownership ‐ Facilities Management Standard Volume 1

IIIB66. Board Policy 7.22 (Environmental Policies and District Activities)

IIIB67. Facilities Master Plan website



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