Standard IIIA

Human Resources



IIIA1.  College's Mission and Vision, and College Priorities

IIIA2.  CCSF Human Resources Webpage

IIIA3.  See all current and future Human Resources services in Exhibit 1

IIIA4.  Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges

IIIA5.  City and County SF, Civil Service Commission Rule 109 - Position Class

IIIA6.  Title 5/EEO/ADA Compliance Office website

IIIA7.  SFCCD Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

IIIA8.  CCSF HR Employment Opportunities site

IIIA9.  Board Agenda Resolution: Appointing Full-time Faculty and Granting Tenure to Full-time Faculty

IIIA10. College's Mission

IIIA11. Board of Trustees’ Goals and College Priorities

IIIA12. Faculty Hiring Procedures

IIIA13. Screenshot of Posted Job Announcements from CCC Registry

IIIA14. Human Resources Department’s Advertising Sources

IIIA15. Screenshot: Biology - Nutrition Instructor Advertising Campaign

IIIA16. Example of Targeted Recruitment and Advertising

IIIA17. Onboarding

IIIA18. Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges

IIIA19. Equivalency Committee Process

IIIA20. See sample of an equivalency determination, Granting Faculty Equivalency

IIIA21. Foreign Transcript Evaluation Services

IIIA22. Faculty Hiring Procedures

IIIA23. Administrative Hiring Procedures

IIIA24. Faculty Hiring Procedures

IIIA25. Classified Hiring Process; Classified Hiring Process Flowchart

IIIA26. Education Master Plan

IIIA27. Classified Hiring Process

IIIA28. Program Review Process

IIIA29. Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges

IIIA30. California Education Code for faculty and administrators

IIIA31. Civil Service Commission of the City and County of San Francisco

IIIA32. EEO Plan

IIIA33. HR Hiring Committee Orientation PacketTitle 5/EEO/ADA Compliance Orientation Documents

IIIA34. Faculty Hiring Procedures

IIIA35. California Education Code Section 88137

IIIA36. Board Policy 3.04

IIIA37. Board Policy 2.02

IIIA38. Administrative Hiring Procedures

IIIA39. English Instructor Part-Time Job Posting

IIIA40. Educational Technology Department

IIIA41. Technology-Mediated Instruction

IIIA42. Technology Learning Center

IIIA43. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Exhibit O

IIIA44. Distance Learning Advisory Committee

IIIA45. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Exhibit O

IIIA46. Screenshot of Advertised Job Announcement

IIIA47. Example of the Development and Review of Curriculum and the Assessment of Learning Form

IIIA48. College Mission and Vision

IIIA49. Board of Trustees' Goals, and College Priorities

IIIA50. Faculty Hiring Procedures, see Section 3.A.2. Search Committee

IIIA51. Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges

IIIA52. Equivalency Procedures

IIIA53. Example of Completed Paper Screening Form

IIIA54. Example of Diversity Statement in Job Announcement

IIIA55. Faculty Hiring Procedures

IIIA56. Faculty Evaluation

IIIA57. AFT/CCSF Collective Bargaining Agreement, Exhibit O

IIIA58. Online Teaching and Learning Course

IIIA59. Online Teaching and Learning Course

IIIA60. Teaching An Online Class

IIIA61. Screenshot of California Education Code §88137


IIIA63. onboarding process

IIIA64. equivalency

IIIA65. foreign degrees

IIIA66. Board of Trustees

IIIA67. Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review Guidebook

IIIA68. Student Success Scorecard

IIIA69. Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review Guidebook

IIIA70. Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review Guidebook

IIIA71. Faculty Evaluation website

IIIA72. Article 9.A.4

IIIA73. Article 9.C.3 and 9.C.4

IIIA74. evaluation of full-time faculty

IIIA75. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 9 - Evaluation

IIIA76. CCSF Peer/Peer Management Evaluation Form and Self-Evaluation Form

IIIA77. Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review Guidebook

IIIA78. SFCCD/DCC Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 10 - Evaluation

IIIA79. SFCCD/DCC Collective Bargaining Agreement, Appendix B and Appendix C

IIIA80. Classified Evaluation Form

IIIA81. Board Policy 3.18 - Evaluation of Academic and Classified Administrators

IIIA82. Administrator Evaluation Form

IIIA83. College Priorities

IIIA84. Board Policy 1.24

IIIA85. Faculty Self-Evaluation

IIIA86. Peer or Peer-Management Evaluation Form

IIIA87. Article 9

IIIA88. Board Policy 3.18 - Evaluation of Academic and Classified Administrators

IIIA89. Article 9.D

IIIA90. Exhibit G

IIIA91. DE Criteria on Faculty Evaluation

IIIA92. Faculty Evaluation & Tenure Review Guidebook, 2.8 - Writing Improvement Plans

IIIA93. Article 9 - Evaluation

IIIA94. classified employee performance evaluation process

IIIA95. "Management Goals and Objectives" and on "Management and Leadership Skills"

IIIA96. College priorities

IIIA97. Annual Plan

IIIA98. SLO Flex workshops

IIIA99. CurricUNET

IIIA100. Education Master Plan, Table 18

IIIA101. Screenshot:  Faculty and Staff Demographics Report

IIIA102. California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office - Fall 2015 and Fall 2016 Full-Time Faculty Obligation Report

IIIA103. California Education Code Section 87482.6 (a)

IIIA104. Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review Guidebook

IIIA105. Faculty Evaluation Form

IIIA106. Peer-Management Evaluation Form

IIIA107. AFT/CCSF Collective Bargaining Agreement

IIIA108. Screenshot of 2015 New Employee Orientation Agenda

IIIA109. Article 20.K - Photo Identification Card

IIIA110. Article 13-1

IIIA111. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 21.B - Fringe Benefits

IIIA112. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 20.F - Compensation/Salaries

IIIA113. Faculty Hiring Procedures

IIIA114. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 20.A.6.1 - Compensation/Salaries, Part-Time Salaries

IIIA115. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 17.C.1.2 - Leaves, Use and Accrual of Sick Leave

IIIA116. Article 17.E. - VSLB

IIIA117. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 17.E.1.1.2 - Voluntary Sick Leave Bank, Part-Time Faculty

IIIA118. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 17.1.3 - VSLB Benefits

IIIA119. Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review Guidebook

IIIA120. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 9.E - Temporary Part-Time Evaluation

IIIA121. California Education Code Section 88137

IIIA122. Civil Service Commission

IIIA123. California Community College Chancellor’s Office Datamart - Faculty and Staff Demographics Reports and Screenshot of Faculty and Staff Demographics Report; CCSF Banner Employee Data (HR website) Fall 2014

IIIA124. Civil Service Rules

IIIA125. College's Mission and Vision

IIIA126. College's Priorities

IIIA127. Administrative Organization Charts: Chancellor’s Division; Division of Academic Affairs; Division of Student Development; Division of Finance and Administration

IIIA128. employee handbooks

IIIA129. Collective Bargaining Agreements

IIIA130. CCSF website

IIIA131. Education Code Section 87359

IIIA132. Title 5 Section 53430

IIIA133. Civil Service Commission Rules

IIIA134. employee handbooks

IIIA135. Procedures for Handling Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination under Title 5 Sections 59300 et. seq

IIIA136. Title 5/EEO/ADA Compliance Office website

IIIA137. Article 12 - Upgrading

IIIA138. employee handbooks

IIIA139. District Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

IIIA140. Board Policy 3420 (Equal Employment Opportunity)

IIIA141. EEO Plan

IIIA142. Hiring Data And Employee Data Report

IIIA143. Diversity Committee

IIIA144. Diversity Collaborative

IIIA145. Gender Diversity Project

IIIA146. Multi-Cultural Infusion Project

IIIA147. Professional Development Flex Credit Guidelines

IIIA148. Employee Assistance Program

IIIA149. Employee Data Report

IIIA150. Interdisciplinary Studies Department

IIIA151. Board Policy 1.18 - Institutional Code of Ethics

IIIA152. AFT/SFCCD Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 8

IIIA153. Board Policy 1.18

IIIA154. Board Policy 1.17

IIIA155. Board Policy 3.20 - Termination of Services

IIIA156. Board Policy 3.21 - Imposition of Penalties

IIIA157. AFT/SFCCD Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 10- Disciplinary Action

IIIA158. SEIU/SFCCD Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 9 - Discipline

IIIA159. March 8, 2016 and October 20, 2015 Flex Days

IIIA160. March 3, 2016

IIIA161. Flex Program Archive - Workshops for 2015-2016 and 2014-2015


IIIA163. Budget Training

IIIA164. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 17.N - Leaves, Partial Load Leave

IIIA165. SFCCD/AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 17.L -Sabbatical Leave

IIIA166. Salary Column Movement

IIIA167. Flex Days for classified employees

IIIA168. Classified Senate

IIIA169. Classified Handbook

IIIA170. SFCCD/SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 13 - Staff Development

IIIA171. Professional Development Workshop Form

IIIA172. 2015-2016 Professional Development Plan

IIIA173. Faculty Professional Development Survey Results Spring 2015

IIIA174. Professional Development Listening Sessions with Classified Staff

IIIA175. Administrators Professional Development Survey

IIIA176. Outcomes and Assessment Professional Development

IIIA177. AFT/SFCCD Collective Bargaining Agreement, Exhibit O

IIIA178. Student ePortfolios Using Live Text

IIIA179. Employee Handbooks




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