2016 Self Evaluation

Working Documents

Documents here are specifically related to the current self-evaluation process. We are responding to the 2014 ACCJC standards and policies. 

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Institutional Self Evaluation Introduction

Front Matter and Introduction
Self Evaluation Evidence


Action Items Standard IA - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IA
Narrative Standard IA
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IA
Feedback Responses: Standard IA
Self Evaluation Evidence

Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness 
Action Items Standard IB - deficiencies
Action Items Standard IB - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IB
Narrative Standard IB
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IB
Feedback Responses: Standard IB
Self Evaluation Evidence 

Institutional Integrity

Action Items Standard IC - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IC
Narrative Standard IC
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IC
Feedback Responses: Standard IC
Self Evaluation Evidence

Instructional Programs 
Action Items Standard IIA - deficiencies
Action Items Standard IIA - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IIA
Narrative Standard IIA
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IIA
Feedback Responses: Standard IIA
Self Evaluation Evidence

Library and Learning Support Services 
Action Items New Standard II.B. (Old Standard II.C) deficiencies
Action Items Standard IIB - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IIB
Narrative Standard IIB
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IIB
Feedback Responses: Standard IIB 
Self Evaluation Evidence

Student Support Services 
Action Items Standard IIC Old Standard IIB) - deficiencies
Action Items Standard IIC - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IIC
Narrative Standard IIC
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IIC
Feedback Responses: Standard IIC
Self Evaluation Evidence

Human Resources 
Action Items Standard IIIA - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IIIA
Narrative Standard IIIA
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IIIA
Feedback Responses: Standard IIIA
Self Evaluation Evidence

Physical Resources 
Action Items Standard IIIB - deficiencies
Action Items Standard IIIB - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IIIB
Narrative Standard IIIB
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IIIB
Feedback Responses: Standard IIIB
Self Evaluation Evidence

Technology Resources 
Action Items Standard IIIC - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IIIC
Narrative Standard IIIC
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IIIC
Feedback Responses: Standard IIIC
Self Evaluation Evidence

Financial Resources 
Action Items Standard IIID - deficiencies
Action Items Standard IIID - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IIID
Narrative Standard IIID
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IIID
Feedback Responses: Standard IIID 
Self Evaluation Evidence

Decision Making Roles and Processes 
Action Items Standard IVA - deficiencies
Action Items Standard IVA - Transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IVA 
Narrative Standard IVA
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IVA
Feedback Responses: Standard IVA
Self Evaluation Evidence

Chief Executive Officer

Action Items Standard IVB - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IVB
Narrative Standard IVB
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IVB
Feedback Responses: Standard IVB
Self Evaluation Evidence

Governing Board 
Action Items Standard IVC (Old Standard IVB) - deficiencies
Action Items Standard IVC - transition to 2014
Deep Outline Standard IVC
Narrative Standard IVC
Draft Feedback Form: Standard IVC
Feedback Responses: Standard IVC
Self Evaluation Evidence

Distance Education 
Action Items  - Transition to 2014
Deep Outline Distance Ed
Narrative Distance ED

USDE Regulations/Policies
Action Items - USDE Regs - Deficiencies
Action Items USDE R&P - transition to 2014
Deep Outline USDE Regulations/Policies
Narrative USDE Regulations/Policies
Self Evaluation Evidence

Quality Focus Essay
Self Evaluation Evidence

Fall 2016 Supplemental Addendum to Institutional Self Evaluation

City College of San Francisco is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 10 Commercial Blvd., Suite 204, Novato, CA 94949, (415) 506-0234, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. Additional information about accreditation, including the filing of complaints against member institutions, can be found at: www.accjc.org.