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Student Support Services




IIC1.  Student Development Website

IIC2.  Screenshot of Student Services for Distance Learners (Source: Student Services for Distance Learners)

IIC3.  Student Development units

IIC4.  Credit and Noncredit Admissions Web Page; Online Transcript Requests; Registration Web Page; Add/Drop Procedure Web Page; Employee Directory; Online Class Schedule; Fall Semester 2016 Academic Calendar; College Catalog

IIC5.  Financial Aid Videos

IIC6.  Online orientation

IIC7.  Remote testing website

IIC8.  Library resources; online tutor help

IIC9.  Screenshot to online access to Bookstore (Source: Online access to bookstore); complaints and grievances; information on co-curricular activities

IIC10. Student Health Website

IIC11. Student Health 101

IIC12. Student Surveys on Engagement and Use of Student Services - see CCSSE

IIC13. Student Surveys on Engagement and Use of Student Services - see CCSSE

IIC14. Screenshot of CCSSE 2014 Student Services Presentation, p.4 (Source: CCSSE 2014 Student Services Presentation, p.4)

IIC15. Screenshot of CCSSE 2014 Student Services Presentation, p.6 (Source: CCSSE 2014 Student Services Presentation, p.6)

IIC16. Screenshot of CCSSE 2014 Student Services Presentation, p.8 (Source: CCSSE 2014 Student Services Presentation, p.8)

IIC17. CCSSE Presentations and Discussions

IIC18. Analysis of SENSE data will be available in Fall 2016

IIC19. Student Surveys on Engagement and Use of Student Services - see Center Survey

IIC20. Spring 2015 Center Survey including both Credit and/or Noncredit Results

IIC21. Center Survey 2016 Supplemental Questions

IIC22. 2015 Center Survey Respondents Attending Noncredit Courses

IIC23. 2015 Center Survey Respondents Attending Credit Courses

IIC24. Spring 2015 Center Survey Respondents in Credit and/or Noncredit Courses

IIC25. Data Overview for Centers and EASE

IIC26. Program Review Website

IIC27. Program Review Guidelines Fall 2015 Website

IIC28. Screenshot of 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 6-8 (Source: 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 6-8)

IIC29. Screenshot of 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 29-33 (Source: 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 29-33)

IIC30. Screenshot of 2015 Student Equity Plan, page 41 (Source: 2015 Student Equity Plan, page 41)

IIC31. Screenshot of 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 46-74 (Source: 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 46-74)

IIC32. Screenshot of 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 87-89 (Source: 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 87-89)

IIC33. Screenshot of 2015 Student Equity Plan, page 6 (Source: 2015 Student Equity Plan, page 6)

IIC34. Screenshot of 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 122-124 (Source: 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 122-124)

IIC35. Screenshot of Credit SSSP Plan, page 6 (Source: Credit SSSP Plan, page 6)

IIC36. CCSF Town Hall Schedule 2015-2016

IIC37. Evans Center Town Hall Notes - 2/26/16; Southeast Center Town Hall Notes - 9/16/15

IIC38. Evans Center Town Hall Notes - 2/26/16

IIC39. Southeast Center Town Hall Notes - 9/16/15

IIC40. CCSF Mission Statement

IIC41. Mission Statement Annual Review Fall 2015, Part A: Data

IIC42. Spring 2015 Center Survey combined Credit and/or Noncredit Courses

IIC43. Board Policy on Smoking, Smoking Policy at CCSF

IIC44. Breathe Healthy Task Force

IIC45. Residence of Distance Education Students Enrolled Exclusively Online

IIC46. Sample Programmatic Mission - Financial Aid Office

IIC47. Sample Assessment Webpage - Matriculation Services

IIC48. Institutional Assessment Plan, p.9, Screenshot of ILO mapping of a program

IIC49. Student Services Outcomes Website; (Example: CalWORKs)

IIC50. CCSF Institutional Assessment Plan

IIC51. Spring 2016 Validation Summary Report

IIC52. CCSSE and Center Survey Presentation on Oct. 20, 2015 SLO Flex Day

IIC53. CCSSE Survey Presentation to Student Services

IIC54. CCSSE Tableau Dashboard

IIC55. Center Survey Tableau Dashboard

IIC56. SSO Detailed Status Report

IIC57. Counseling Assessment Website - see outcomes statement

IIC58. Counseling Survey Results

IIC59. Counseling Schedule for Fall 2015

IIC60. SSO Detailed Status Report

IIC61. List of Student Services on Student Development Website - Student Development Quick Link Resources

IIC62. Student Services SLO Coordinator Job Description

IIC63. SLO Coordinator Website

IIC64. SSO Assessment Team (Workgroup) Website

IIC65. SSO Assessment Workgroup Website - see meeting schedules

IIC66. Tableau

IIC67. SLO Professional Development Website

IIC68. SLO Communications Website

IIC69. Student Development Organizational Chart

IIC70. SSSP Plan for credit; SSSP Plan for noncredit; Student Equity Plan

IIC71. Board Resolution Approving Interim Associate Dean of Equity, March 24, 2016

IIC72. Roles, Responsibilities, and Processes Flowcharts and Narratives

IIC73. Screenshot of EASE Plan, page iv, (Source: EASE Plan, page iv)

IIC74. Screenshot of EASE Plan, page iv, (Source: EASE Plan, page iv)

IIC75. EASE Task Force Meeting Notes August 3, 2015

IIC76. EASE Task Force Meeting Notes August 3, 2015

IIC77. Student Services at Airport Center

IIC78. Student Services at Civic Center

IIC79. Student Services at Chinatown/North Beach

IIC80. Student Services at Downtown Center

IIC81. Student Services at Evans Center

IIC82. Student Services at John Adams Center

IIC83. Student Services at Mission Center

IIC84. Student Services at Southeast Center

IIC85. Screenshot of EASE Plan, page iv (Source: EASE Plan, page iv)

IIC86. Screenshot of EASE Plan, page v (Source: EASE Plan pg. v)

IIC87. Screenshot of EASE Task Force Plan, table of contents in page 2 (Source:  EASE Task Force Plan , see table of contents in page 2)

IIC88. Board approval of Interim Associate Dean of Student Equity; Interim Associate Dean of Outreach; New counselors: 2/25/16 Board Resolution 160225-IX-58, 3/24/16 Board Resolution 160324-X-81

IIC89. 1490 positions, Counseling Schedule for Fall 2015

IIC90. Screenshot of 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 57-62 (Source: 2015 Student Equity Plan, pages 57-62)

IIC91. Student Events Calendar

IIC92. Associated Students Website

IIC93. Student Activities Website

IIC94. Recognized Clubs of CCSF

IIC95. Concert and Lecture Series Website

IIC96. CCSF Intercollegiate Athletics Programs Website

IIC97. In-service training manual

IIC98. EOPS Website; DSPS Website; CalWORKs Website; CCSF Transfer Center Website; CCSF Veterans Services Office Website

IIC99. Puente Website; AASP Website; APASS Website; LSN Website; Tulay Filipino American Student Success Program Website; CCSF Metro Academies Website

IIC100. See, for example, EOPS Assessment Website; DSPS Assessment Website; Multicultural Retention Department  Assessment Website

IIC101. SLO Professional Development Website

IIC102. Student Orientation Website

IIC103. Online Student Orientation

IIC104. Statewide Educational Planning Initiative Press Release

IIC105. Academic Counseling Courses; Counseling New Student Course Listing;  Counseling Development Course Listing;  AAPS 100 Course Outline; AAPS 101 Course Outline; AAPS 103 Course Outline; AAPS 104 Course Outline; Learning Assistance (LERN) Course Listings; LERN 50 Course Outline; Career Development (CRER) Course Listing; CRER 60 Course Outline; CRER 60 Course Outline Distance Ed Addenda

IIC106. Career workshops; Career fairs; Transfer workshops

IIC107. Board Policy 5.05 - Admission, Classification, Tuition, and Enrollment

IIC108. College Catalog - Admission to the College

IIC109. CCC Technology Center Website

IIC110. CCCApply Website

IIC111. CCCApply Annual Report

IIC112. CCCAPPLY survey findings, Fall 2015 SLO Report

IIC113. Board Policy 8.16; Administrative Procedures 8.16

IIC114. Board Policy 5.04

IIC115. ViaTRON Contract  

IIC116. Student Health Services Orientation Manual & Checklist

IIC117. Board Policy 5.04 - Student Records

IIC118. Policies and Administrative Procedures Website

IIC119. Screenshot of College Catalog - College Rules and Regulations, pp-431-432 (Source: College Catalog  - College Rules and Regulations, see pages 431-432)

IIC120. Annual Notification to City College of San Francisco Students - FERPA and Privacy Rights of Students

IIC121. Authorization to Release Information



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