TRC Library Video Cassette List
Text and Level:
ABC News ESL Video Library

Focus on American Culture
2 hrs.
St.bk.*, Tch.m.**
Focus on Business
2 hrs.
St.bk., Tch.m.
Focus on the Environment
2 hrs.
St.bk., Tch.m
Focus on Health
2 hrs.
St.bk., Tch.m.
Focus on Innovations
2 hrs.
St.bk., Tch.m.
Business Watch
2 hrs.
St.bk., Tch.m.
Culture Watch 2 hrs. St.bk., Tch.m. Level 7&8
Earth Watch
2 hrs.
St.bk., Tch.m.
Health Watch
2 hrs.
St.bk., Tch.m.
Innovation Watch
2 hrs.
St.bk., Tch.m.
(c) 1993 ABC Broadcasting
Prentice Hall Regents

* Student book
**Teacher's manual
Adult Education Professional Development Teleconferences:

Citizenship Preparation: The Making of New Americans
1 hr. (approx.)
Handout packet
I am, You Are, We Is Teaching Grammar: A Look at Teaching Grammar in Adult ESL Classes
1 hr. (approx.)
Handout packet
Connecting ESL to GED and College Credit Classes
1 hr. (approx.)
Handout packet
From Talk to Action: Problem-Posing in Adult ESL Classes
1 hr. (approx.)
Handout packet
ESL in Adult Education: Multi-Level Classes
1 hr. (approx.)
Handout packet
America's Civil Rights Movement: A Time for Justice
(c)1992 Teaching Tolerance
38 min.
Text. , Tch.m.
Application for Naturalization
(N400 form) English Version
(c) 1995 Los Angeles Unified
30 min. (approx.) N400 forms
Application for Naturalization
(N400 form) Spanish Version
(c) 1995 Los Angeles Unified
30 min. (approx.)  
Atlas Series:

Atlas 1 (St.bk. wbk. tch.m. cass.)
50 min.
Video wbk. Level 3
Atlas 2 (St.bk. wbk. tch.m. cass.)
50 min.
Video wbk. Level 5
Atlas 3 (St.bk. wbk. tch.m. cass.)
50 min.
Video wbk. Level 7
Atlas 4 (St.bk. wbk. tch.m. cass.)
50 min.
Video wbk. Level 8
Atlas: Learning Centered Communications by David Nunan (c) 1995 Heinle & Heinle
12:25 min.
(training video)
Chinese in America
(c) 1976 KQED
25 min.

City College of San Francisco:
Student Orientation Film
15 min (approx.)

Cold Water: Intercultural Adjustment and Values Conflict of Foreign Students at an American University
(c) 1988
48 min.
Teacher's guide
Communicating survival:

Emergency Call 911
10 min.

Help Wanted
10 min.

Personal Checking
10 min.

The New Immigration Law
10 min.

Obtaining Health Care
10 min.

The Supermarket
10 min.

(c)Arlington Community Television

Count Me in: A Bridge to Citizenship
(c)1994 ILGWU
19:24 min.
(short version)

ESL Teacher Training Series:

Introduction to Teaching ESL
31 min.

Using the Guide to ESL Curriculum
29 min.

ESL Placement Testing
25 min.

ESL Literacy: an Introduction
(c) 1984 Chicago Urban Skills Institute
28 min.

Employability Competency System: Work Maturity
(c)1989 CASAS
8 min.

Employee Interview: Pacific Telephone
15 min.

English Works!
(c)1995 Addison Wesley
93 min.
Student text
Follow Me to San Francisco
(c)1981 BBC English by Television
60 min. /10
5 min. episodes
Getting a Job (2 tapes)
(c) 1987 Los Angeles Unified
Tape 1 /18 min.
Tape 2 /16 min.
Handout packet
INS Test in English and Spanish
Produced by the Immigration and Naturalization Service
44 min.

In My Own Words: Women in the Trades.
(c) 1992 Vivian Price
15 min.

Inside Secrets of Interviewing
(c)1987 The XSELL Team
30 min.
Interchange Series:

Interchange 1 .
(c) 1993 Cambridge Univ. Press
75 min. (approx.)
Video act. bk. Level 3
(St.bk. wbk. tch.m cass.)
Interchange 2
(c) 1995 Cambridge Univ. Press
75 min. (approx.)
Video act. bk. Level 7
(St.bk. wbk. tch.m. cass.)
Interviewing for a Job
c 1990 Video Resources Inc.
30 min.

Just Around the Corner: Series I,
Consumer Education (2 tapes)
Pt. 1-8 15 min.
Pt. 9-15 15min
Student text
Lifeskills 1/ ESL Communication Skills
(c) 1981 Rancho Santiago CC
45 min. (approx.)

Mi Vida: The Three Worlds of Maria Gutierrez
(c)1986 Chip Taylor Communications
28 min.

On New Ground: Asian American Women at Work (c)1982 Loni Ding
30 min.

On the Job with Rolando
Mission Lang. & Voc. School
65 min.
30 min. training tape
Only in America Video 1 & 2
(2 tapes) (c) 1995 Oxford Univ. Pr.

Video activity book
Follows Main Street syllabi
Phrase by Phrase Pronunciation & Listening in American English:

Student text , Tch.m. + cass.
Grasshopper & the Ants
23 min.

Liz's Exercise Routine

What's for Dinner

John Thornton's Love for Buck

Cleaning Up the Backyard

A Sunday Outing

Oak and the Reed

Koko's Kitten

Why I Work

Rafting the Grand Canyon

The Accident

Volcanoes in the Ring of Fire

Father's Idea of Fun

Edison's Creative Talent

Baby Boomers: The Big Bulge

The Gift of Sight

(c) 1988 Marsha Chan

The Red Balloon
(c)1956 Films Montsouris
34 min.

Rise to the Occasion with Harry O. 15 min. (approx.)
Second Language Experience
(c) 1989
30 min. (approx.)

Side by Side Series:

Side by Side TV Level 1 (2 tapes)
(c) 1994 Prentice Hall
Part A 53:15 m
Part B 1 hr. 8 m
Reference guide Level 2
Video activity books +cass.
Side by Side TV Level 2 (2 tapes)
(c)1994 Prentice Hall
Part A 1 hr 7 m
Part B 1 hr. 5 m
Reference guide Level 3
Video activity books +cass.
Speaking American English: Oral competencies at work:

You're Hired 30 min. Teacher's manual + scripts
Climbing the Ladder 1 hr. (approx.) Teacher's manual + scripts
(c) 1988 North Seattle Community College

Spectrum Series:

Spectrum 1 video
(c) 1995 Prentice Hall
1 hr. (approx.) Video act. bk. Level 3 (St.bk. wbk. tch.m. cass.)
Spectrum 2 video
(c) 1995 Prentice Hall
1 hr. (approx.) Video act. bk. Level 4
(St.bk. wbk. tch.m. cass.)
Staying Ahead: a Business English (c) 1995 Cambridge Univ. Press
Getting Ahead st. bk.
Success: Communicating in English:

St. bk., Wbk. Tch.m. + cass.
Success 1
45 min.
Video magazine
Success 2
45 min.
Video magazine
Success 3
45 min.
Video magazine
Success 4
45 min.
Video magazine
(c) 1995 Addison Wesley

Student Orientation: John Adams and Southeast Campuses of CCSF
27 min.

TESOL/CATESOL Feedback Presentations 5/5/94
90 min.

Take Two: English for Intercultural Communication
(c) 1982 Intercultural Relations Institute, Stanford, CA
30 min.
Teacher manual
Taking Charge of Your Credit
Fullerton College Television
30 min.

Talk About AIDS
(c) 1987 SF AIDS Foundation
18:35 min.

Teacher Training Through Video: Cooperative Learning: ESL Techniques (4 videotapes)

Creating a Cooperative Climate

Copy masters
Key Components of Cooperative Learning

Copy masters

Copy masters
Lesson Planning
(c)1993 Addison Wesley Longman

Copy masters
Teacher Training Through Video: ESL Techniques (10 videotapes):

Lesson Planning
15 min.
Copy masters, workbooks
Focused Listening
17 min.
Copy masters, workbooks
Early Production
18 min.
Copy masters, workbooks
Dialogue Drills
22 min.
Copy masters, workbooks
Information Gap
12 min.
Copy masters, workbooks
Role Play
18 min.
Copy masters, workbooks
Problem Solving
16 min.
Copy masters, workbooks
Language Experience
26 min.
Copy masters, workbooks
Life Skills Reading
18 min.
Copy masters, workbooks
Narrative Reading
20 min.
Copy masters, workbooks
(c)1992 Addison Wesley Longman
K. Lynn Savage

Teaching Adults to Read
84 min.

(c)1984 Project Read, SFPL

Teaching techniques for the ESL literacy classroom:

Essential tools
26 min.

Listening and pronunciation
30 min.

Communication skills
15 min.

(c)1995 Sally Gati

What Do People Really Say?
(c) 1989 Vancouver Community College
35 min.
Instructor's guide and student workbook
Women in the trades:

Opportunities for Women
30 min.

How to Survive in Technical Jobs (c)1992 Chris McCullough
45 min.

Working in the United States: An ESL and Cultural Series for Employment Volumes 1,2,3

Typical day on the Job
55 min.
Student workbook v.1
Providing Feedback
55 min.
Student workbook v.2
Greetings and Farewells
55 min.
Student workbook v.3
(c) 1986 Prentice Hall