Fall 2023
Catalog Description

An introduction to concepts, theories, methodologies and social policy related to the history, culture, concerns, and conditions of the field of Ethnic Studies. Employs Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and Indigenous Methodologies to analyze and articulate cultural, political, and economic practices and institutions that support or challenge racism, racial and ethnic inequalities, and patterns of interaction between various racial and ethnic groups.

Section Notes

This class requires in-person meetings and the use of Canvas. In-person meetings will take place on the following dates on the Ocean campus: Thursday, August 17 from 9:40 am – 10:55 pam (Orientation) Wednesday, September 20 from 5:10 pm-8:00 pm (Talanoa) Thursday, October 12 from 9:40 am-10:55 am (Midterm) Wednesday, November 15 from 5:10 pm-8:00 pm (Talanoa) Wednesday, December 13 from 5:10 pm-8:00 pm (Final Exam) Students will also complete coursework in Canvas, which must be accessed using an internet enabled device. This class is part of CityOnline and is 18 weeks. For course details, students must check the instructor’s website.


Recommended Preparation, Readiness for college-level English or ESL 188

Learning Outcomes