NAMING CONVENTION: "Fall 2017 Unit Name" Example: "Fall 2017 Research & Planning"

For Annual Plan, Fall 2017

During the Fall 2017 semester departments and programs will examine assesssments, curriculum (instructional units only), and resources from last year and describe assessment plans for the upcoming year, curriculum updates for the upcoming year (to apply for 2018-2019), and make resource requests for the following year (2018-2019).

A comprehensive review of department data, trends, challenges, and accomplishments will be done every 3 years through program review.

Annual Plan AND Program Review questions are shown in the left-hand navigation menu -- each item pulls up a web page that addresses a different question and provides guidelines and suggestions. You will use CurricUNET to answer these questions and produce your report. NOTE: Each question will indicate at top whether it must be answered during the Annual Plan-only years, such as Fall 2016.

Annual Plan Goals

  • Thoughtfully review current state of your assessments, curriculum, and resource needs.
  • Make plans for assessments and curriculum updates and make resource requests.
  • Connect resource requests to College Plans and Priorities (and foster collaboration across units).
  • Remember

  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans are a Continuous Quality Improvement process.
  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans are a primary mechanism for integrating assessment, planning, and budgeting.
  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans will have an impact on how future departmental resources are increased or decreased.
  • Program Reviews and Annual Plans are collaborative – involve colleagues at all levels in discussion of contents and drafts.
  • *NOTE: Counseling Programs and Academic/Student Service Areas that also have CRNs will complete either a Counseling Program Review (e.g., DSPS, Continuing Student Counseling) or an Academic and Student Service Area Review (e.g., Financial Aid, Library) as their main review. They will also need to start and complete an Instructional (Department) Review to access the Curriculum Currency reports. For all other questions in that review, they can indicate N/A and/or refer readers to the main Annual Plan.


    Program Reviews and Annual Plans are completed within the CurricUNET software. To access instructions and tutorials visit the CurricUNET Program Review module User Manual.