Get Started in the WADP Program

WADP is one of the many great programs CCSF has to offer. If you think WADP is for you, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Steps to Apply and Enroll at CCSF. (Reapply if you haven't attended CCSF in the last two semesters.)
  2. Submit a WADP Application. You will be contacted within two business days about the status of your application.
  3. Fulfill Assessment for English and Math placement by selecting ONE of three options below:
    • Submit your high school transcripts by filling out an Online High School Data Form. You’ll be prompted to attach your high school transcripts.
    • If high school records are unavailable, self-report your high school GPA by filling this request form and email it to the Matriculation Office at 
    • If you have fulfilled the English and Math requirement with coursework at another college, request a waiver by filling out an Online College and/or Test Data Form. See process here.
  4. Orientation-Complete it online here.
  5. Academic Counseling: To request an appointment fill out this online form. If appointments are unavailable, please access the Virtual Drop-in hours (see below.)
  6. Register for WADP classes through your myRAM Portal during registration time (you will receive a registration date in your email).

Meet With A Counselor

WADP students, and those who are considering joining WADP, are encouraged to see a CCSF Counselor.

For virtual Drop-ins, see below:

  • Access Virtual Express Counseling Zoom sessions on a first come, first served basis.
  • Hours: 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm (Jun 1 to July 23)
  • Click on the Drop-in Counseling option to enter the zoom session.
  • Make sure to let the counselor know that you are considering WADP.
  • You will need to submit official transcripts from other colleges during the second semester and request a formal evaluation. For details, see here and for questions email 
  • Below is the contact information for counselors familiar with WADP at our Downtown and Mission Centers. However, you are welcome to see a counselor at any of the CCSF's locations. Reach the counseling department for more information.
  • If you attended other colleges, bring unofficial transcripts to your counseling session.

Downtown Center: Joanne Huang (

Mission Center: 415-920-6056