CTE Faculty Newsletters

CTE Faculty Liaison Expectations communicates with their local senate, local senate, local campus and CTE credit and non-credit faculty regarding CTE issues related to college and may: 

  • Attend local senate meetings and report as needed about statewide issues of concern in CTE
  • Facilitate local and regional CTE discussions
  • Identifies CTE issues of concern locally or regionally
  • Communicates opportunities for CTE faculty to participate in CTE related statewide initiatives, workgroups, committees and task forces to ensure that CTE interests are represented
  • Communicates the Board of Governors Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation, and a Strong Economy recommendations and participate in conversations to implement system-wide policies and practices that may significantly affect career technical education programs
  • Creates a mechanism to communicate with CTE faculty on your campus around issues of common concern
  • Serves as a conduit between the local CTE faculty and the CTE Leadership ( BACCC) Committee representatives in your area
  • Identifies CTE faculty at your college and in your region to serve locally and statewide on committees and taskf orces
  • Attends state-level events (CCCAOE, ASCCC) and regional consortia meetings

Fall 2021 CTE Liaison Contact Person:
Mia Rusali
Business Department