Support for Student Course Completion, Degree/Certificate, and Transfer Success

The Student Completion website serves as an information hub for resources and services offered by City College of San Francisco to assist students in their academic and career pursuits. Working alongside with the Research and Planning Department to identify students who are close to completing their degrees or certificates, Course Completion aims to provide direct student support services.

The Completion Coordinator works with academic counselors and programs; supporting the Multicultural Retention Centers, DSPS, Veterans, and Guardian Scholars. By reaching out to students who are degree and certificate ready, our goal is to close the graduation and achievement gap among all students in CCSF.


Student Resources & Needs

Have an immediate need for student resources or services? You can fill out the form requesting the resources you are seeking, or set up an appointment to meet 1-on-1.

For 1-on-1 appointments, we can:

  • Work together to create a personalized student resource list specific to your academic or career needs in order to build your support network while at City College
  • View completion tools to help support you and keep you on track of your goals
  • Talk about the Digital Literacy Project (DLP) and the ways in which we can help be of support with some technology-related inquiries. For more information on the DLP please see the section below

Request Resources   Schedule a 1-on-1 Appointment 


Student Events

To attend, please visit the Event Registration. Interested in the information but cannot make the event? Contact the Completion Coordinator or set up a 1-on-1 appointment.