The Office of Student Equity and Adult Education Program are proud to offer Faculty, Staff, and Administrators the opportunity to participate in the CORA Teaching Men of Color and Equity and Education Certificate Training Program.

The courses were developed and taught by Dr. J. Luke Wood and Dr. Frank Harris III. Each participant will have 30 days to complete the online course requirements. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion. Participants may complete all five courses in the program or just one.

Certificate Training Program

Teaching Men of Color in the Community College

This program is designed to enhance the preparedness of faculty in the community college to facilitate success among college men of color.

Supporting Men of Color in the Community College

This program is designed to enhance the preparedness of advisors/counselors, student service officers, and other support staff in the community college to facilitate success among college men of color

Teaching Boys and Young Men (PreK-12)

This program assists to identify key environmental pressures that influence the learning experiences of pre-K - 12 boys and young men of color and specifies how societal factors systemically inhibit the pre-K - 12 success of some boys and young men of color.

Unconscious Bias

This program assists to denote the role that race and gender socialization have on the classroom realities of college and recognize how societal factors systematically inhibit the college readiness of some students of color.

Racial Microaggression

This program will define and explore the concept of racial microaggressions, highlight the influence of microaggressions on people of color in work and educational settings, and provide an overview of the three main types of microaggressions sponsored by Derald Wing Sue.

Black Ally Program

“Dismantling Anti-Blackness on Your Campus: Core Competencies for Allies”

This program is designed to create an understanding of challenges facing specific populations and strategies that can be employed to foster a more welcoming and supportive environment. Instructed by Lasana O. Hotep.

Course Design for Racial Equity

This program aims to provide educators with the tools to engage in anti-racist course design, for online and in-person modalities, while learning how racism impacts students’ learning, growth, and development as well as tangible strategies to intentionally counter-act challenges in their curricula.

Best Practices for Teaching in Community College

This program provides community college educators with practical and progressive techniques on what to do inside and outside the classroom to help students succeed at the highest levels, and can be applied to both in-person and online learning formats.

  • Online Training
  • 30 Days to complete the course
  • The course is divided into four modules
  • Each module requires 3-4 hours time commitment (about 15 hours total)
  • 1.5 Continuing Education Units
  • Printable certificate upon successful completion


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