Decision Making Roles and Processes



IVA1. PDF Removed

IVA2. PDF Removed

IVA3. See, PDF Removed, which makes a provision for faculty of a college to consult collegially with college administration on academic and professional matters. The PGC provides a vehicle, in addition to the Academic Senate, for faculty to participate in college governance.

IVA4. See, PDF Removed, which provides that classified staff shall be provided an opportunity to participate in college governance.

IVA5. See, PDF Removed, which provides that students shall be provided an opportunity to participate in college governance.

IVA6. Accreditation Committee Webpage

IVA7. Diversity Committee Webpage

IVA8. Enrollment Management Committee Webpage

IVA9. Planning Committee Webpage

IVA10. Accreditation Committee Webpage

IVA11. Enrollment Management Webpage

IVA12. Planning Committee Webpage

IVA13. Information Technology Advisory Committee webpage

IVA14. Facilities Committee (Capital Projects Planning Committee) webpage

IVA15. PDF Removed

IVA16. PDF Removed; see also, Academic Senate Web Page, re "10 + 1" Items

IVA17. PDF Removed

IVA18. Board of Trustees Policies, Including Board Policy 5.02

IVA19. Title 5, section 51023.7

IVA20. President's Reports

IVA21. PDF Removed

IVA22. PDF Removed; PDF Removed

IVA23. PDF Removed

IVA24. PDF Removed

IVA25. PDF Removed

IVA26. Title 5, California Code of Regulations, section 51023.7

IVA27. PDF Removed

IVA28. Academic Senate Committee webpage

IVA29. Associated Students Constitution

IVA30. Associated Students Bylaws - Ocean Campus

IVA31. PDF Removed - (See comments to Questions 2, 3, & 4.)

IVA32. PDF Removed; PDF Removed - (See comments to Questions 7, 8, & 9.)

IVA33. PDF Removed

IVA34. Effective Participation Specifically Defined by Title 5 (Source: PDF Removed, pages 2-5)

IVA35. PDF Removed; PDF Removed

IVA36. See also, PDF Removed, Article II

IVA37. PDF Removed

IVA38. PDF Removed; PDF Removed

IVA39. PDF Removed

IVA40. Academic Senate Education Policies Committee

IVA41. PDF Removed (Source: PDF Removed)

IVA42. PDF Removed (Source: PDF Removed)

IVA43. PDF Removed (Source: PDF Removed)

IVA44. PDF Removed (Source: PDF Removed)

IVA45. PDF Removed (Source: PDF Removed)

IVA46. PDF Removed: PDF Removed; Recording of Meeting)

IVA47. Title 5, CCR § 53200

IVA48. PDF Removed

IVA49. PDF Removed

IVA50. PDF Removed

IVA51. Academic Senate webpage re Committees

IVA52. Academic Senate Committee Page with Instructions for Students on How to Join Committees. see also, Title 5, California Code of Regulations, section 51023.7

IVA53. PDF Removed (recommended by Academic Senate in May 2016 along with revised BP 6.03; moving through formal adoption process)

IVA54. Academic Senate webpage re Committees

IVA55. EASE Taskforce Webpage

IVA56. PDF Removed

IVA57. PDF Removed

IVA58. PDF Removed

IVA59. PDF Removed

IVA60. PDF Removed

IVA61. PDF Removed

IVA62. PDF Removed

IVA63. Subcommittees of PGC: Accreditation Committee, Diversity Committee, Enrollment Management Committee, Planning Committee

IVA64. Committees page of Academic Senate website

IVA65. Academic Senate Executive Council Agenda Item Submission Form

IVA66. PDF Removed

IVA67. PDF Removed

IVA68. PDF Removed

IVA69. PDF Removed

IVA70. PDF Removed

IVA71. Classified Senate Website

IVA72. PDF Removed (see agenda items related to IT Plan and Enrollment Management Plan), PDF Removed (see agenda item related to the Student Equity Plan)

IVA73. Examples: Screenshot of 6/17/16 Associated Students Meeting Agenda - Item 9c (Source: 6/17/16 Associated Students Executive Council Meeting Agenda), PDF Removed; PDF Removed reflect Associated Students recommendation; PDF Removed (Source: PGC website)

IVA74. Basic Skills Funding Recommendations for 2015-16; Student Equity Funding Recommendations for 2015-16

IVA75. PDF Removed

IVA76. PDF Removed

IVA77. PDF Removed

IVA78. PDF Removed

IVA79. Academic Senate Homepage

IVA80. PDF Removed

IVA81. PDF Removed

IVA82. Accreditation emails

IVA83. President’s Reports

IVA84. PDF Removed

IVA85. PDF Removed, Classified Flex Day (9/25/15) Chancellor’s Q&A Town Hall, see PDF Removed, (pg. 3.)

IVA86. Accreditation presentations at Associated Students Executive Council Meeting: PDF Removed, PDF Removed - PDF Removed (Source: Accreditation Conversation Archives, see 10/30/15), PDF Removed; Trustee Randolph presented to students at Associated Students Executive Council: PDF Removed, and PDF Removed; Discussion of Equity Plan: PDF Removed

IVA87. See, PDF Removed - (Comments to Questions 3 & 4), and PDF Removed; PDF Removed - (Comments to Questions 4, 6 & 7)

IVA88. PDF Removed

IVA89. PGC Agenda - November 5, 2015

IVA90. PDF Removed

IVA91. PDF Removed

IVA92. PGC Agenda Proposal form

IVA93. Online spreadsheet to track progress of items reviewed by the PGC

IVA94. PGC Agenda - November 5, 2015

IVA95. Academic Senate 2014-2015 Program Review Internal and External Evaluation Results under “Data Trends”

IVA96. Academic Senate Program Review: PDF Removed, 2015

IVA97. PDF Removed

IVA98. Academic Senate Committee Postings

IVA99. Academic Senate Executive Council Agenda Item Submission Form

IVA100. Academic Senate Executive Council Actions Taken

IVA101. Associated Students’ Campus and Center By-Laws

IVA102. Classified Senate website

IVA103. Classified Senate Executive Council meeting notes

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