Institutional Integrity



IC1. ACCJC Policy on Rights and Responsibilities of ACCJC and Member Institutions, Compliant (Source: Accreditation Reference Handbook July 2015)

IC2. ACCJC Policy on Commission Good Practice in Relations with Member Institutions (Source: Accreditation_Reference_Handbook_July_2015)

IC3. CCSF Mission Statement on Website

IC4. Screenshot of Mission Statement; Front Matter (Source: College Catalog, p.2)

IC5. Screenshot of Mission Statement in Class Schedule, p. 27 (Source: Mission Statement in Class Schedule, see p. 27)

IC6. Screenshot of Vision and Mission on EMP (Source: PDF Removed, page 6); Screenshot of Vision and Mission on Technology Plan (Source: DRAFT 2015-2017 Technology Plan, page 2); Screenshot of RFP for Facilities Master Plan (Source: PDF Removed, page 3)

IC7. Programs and CoursesPDF Removed(Source: College Catalog)

IC8. Learning Resources and Student Services (Source: College Catalog)

IC9. Accessing Course Outlines and SLOs

IC10. PDF Removed, see question 7

IC11. List of College Catalog Addenda under “Catalog Archives”; PDF Removed

IC12. Schedule Production Timeline 2015-2016

IC13. Spreadsheet containing list of web pages that have not been updated in a year or more and current status

IC14. See, for example, Student Development Website, Academic Affairs Website, or Fantastic Five Website

IC15. Contact Us web page with instructions on how to report web issues; Send to a Friend Website

IC16. CCSF Accreditation Website

IC17. PDF Removed (Source: College Catalog, p. 2-3); Screenshot of Accreditation in Class Schedule, p. 27 (Source: Fall 2016 Class Schedule, p. 27)

IC18. ACCJC Policy on Policy on Public Disclosure and Confidentiality in the Accreditation Process, Compliant

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IC20. ACCJC Policy on Rights and Responsibilities of ACCJC and Member Institutions (Source: Accreditation_Reference_Handbook_July_2015)

IC21. Front Matter, see p. II

IC22. Front Matter, see p. III

IC23. Overview of the College, see pp. 2-3

IC24. Course and Program Offerings

IC25. Degree Requirements

IC26. PDF Removed

IC27. Academic Calendar

IC28. Screenshot of Program Length for Administration of Justice Certificate, p.71 (Source: Program Length, see, for example, p. 71)

IC29. Academic Freedom Statement, see p. 446

IC30. Student Financial Resources

IC31. Student Learning Resources

IC32. Names and Degrees of Administration and Faculty

IC33. Screenshot of Governing Board Members, p.VI (Source: College Catalog, see p. VI

IC34. Admission to the College

IC35. PDF Removed (Source: Enrollment Fees, see pp. 19-21)

IC36. Graduation; Transfer Information

IC37. Academic Policies and Procedures

IC38. Screenshot of Equal Opportunity Statement, p. XI (Source: College Catalog, see p. XI)

IC39. Screenshot of Acceptance and Transfer of Credit, p. 452 (Source: College Catalog - Academic Policies and Procedures, pp. 452)

IC40. PDF Removed, pp. 451-454 (Source: College Catalog - Academic Policies and Procedures, pp. 451-454)

IC41. Screenshot of Complaint Procedure, p.430 (Source: College Catalog - Rules and Regulations, see pp. 430)

IC42. Sexual Harassment, see pp. 444-446

IC43. PDF Removed, page 20-21 (Source: 2016-17 Catalog - Admission to the College)

IC44. College Catalog - Academic Policies and Procedures

IC45. PDF Removed

IC46. See, for example, the PDF Removed

IC47. SLO Website

IC48. SLO Communication site

IC49. SLO assessment

IC50. Summary assessment reports

IC51. SLO Professional Development

IC52. Fall 2015 Program Review Course SLO Assessment Question

IC53. SLO assessment reports archives webpage

IC54. GELO Area B report

IC55. Program Review Archives webpage; CurricUNET Viewing Public Assessments Instructions

IC56. CurricUNET public assessment component; CurricUNET Viewing Public Program Reviews Instructions

IC57. Sample department assessment website-- FORL

IC58. Instructional Department Details

IC59. 2015 Scorecard data

IC60. PDF Removed; CCSF Aspirational Goal-Setting Webpage

IC61. Dashboard on the College’s homepage, and on Research webpage

IC62. Dashboard for ILO and GELO assessment with links to reports

IC63. Online College Catalog - Program and Courses

IC64. Department web pages - Program and Certificate information

IC65. Screenshot of CCSSE, 2014, p. 26 (Source: PDF Removed p 26)

IC66. PDF Removed

IC67. PDF Removed

IC68. PDF Removed; PDF Removed & PDF Removed (will replace when updated)

IC69. PDF Removed

IC70. Curriculum Committee

IC71. Total Cost of Attendance webpage

IC72. Cost of Attendance sheet

IC73. Net Price Indicator Webpage

IC74. Registration Webpage

IC75. Admissions and Records/Registration Webpage

IC76. Student Services Webpage

IC77. Tuition and Fees Webpage

IC78. Financial Aid Webpage

IC79. Screenshot of Class Schedule Front Matter, Tuition and Fees - see p. 14 (Source: Class Schedule Front Matter, Tuition and Fees, p.14)

IC80. PDF Removed

IC81. Screenshot of Eligibility Requirements 13 on Academic Freedom, p.4 (Source: ACCJC Eligibility Requirements for Accreditation, p.4)

IC82. PDF Removed

IC83. College Catalog: p 446 Academic Freedom

IC84. PDF Removed

IC85. PDF Removed

IC86. PDF Removed

IC87. PDF Removed

IC88. Student Conduct

IC89. PDF Removed, pp. 436-439 (Source: College Catalog - College Rules and Regulations, see pp. 436-439)

IC90. B.P. 6.18 Student Authentication

IC91. A.P. 6.18 Student Authentication

IC92. Login page for Insight

IC93. Distance Learning Chapter in Curriculum Committee Handbook

IC94. PDF Removed

IC95. Information about Resource Center for Distance Learning Faculty

IC96. PDF Removed

IC97. PDF Removed

IC98. PDF Removed

IC99. PDF Removed, p. 12 (Source: AFT Local 2121 Agreement, p12)

IC100. Screenshot of Academic Freedom in Faculty Handbook, Section 4.1, p.49 (Source: PDF Removed Section 4.1, p.49)

IC101. Academic Freedom in College Catalog, p. 446

IC102. PDF Removed

IC103. Student Grievance

IC104. PDF Removed

IC105. PDF Removed; PDF Removed

IC106. Other Reports Archive

IC107. Self Study 2012

IC108. PDF Removed

IC109. PDF Removed

IC110. PDF Removed

IC111. PDF Removed

IC112. PDF Removed

IC113. PDF Removed

IC114. PDF Removed

IC115. Accreditation Webpage

IC116. CCSF-ACCJC Communications Website

IC117. CCSF-ACCJC Communications Website Archive

IC118. Reports to ACCJC Website

IC119. CCSF Accreditation Self Evaluation Archive

IC120. Screenshot of Eligibility 21 Compliant, p.5 (Source: ACCJC Eligibility Requirements for Accreditation, p.5)

IC121. Banner Renewal Advisory Group Website

IC122. Compare, for example, the 2016 Annual Report to the PDF Removed

IC123. CCSF Other Reports to ACCJC

IC124. CCSF-ACCJC Communications Website

IC125. CCSF-ACCJC Communications Website Archive

IC126. ACCJC Policy Policy on Commission Good Practice in Relations with Member Institutions, Compliant (Source: Accreditation_Reference_Handbook_July_2015)

IC127. PDF Removed (Source: Accreditation_Reference_Handbook_July_2015)

IC128. CCSF Accreditation Website

IC129. Accreditation Listserv Archive

IC130. College Catalog (see p. 2-3)

IC131. Screenshot of Accreditation on Class Schedule, p. 27 (Source: Fall 2016 Class Schedule (see p. 27)

IC132. College Mission and Priorities

IC133. PDF Removed

IC134. PDF Removed

IC135. PDF Removed

IC136. PDF Removed

IC137. PDF Removed

IC138. PDF Removed

IC139. Grant Approval and Preparation Process

City College of San Francisco is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 10 Commercial Blvd., Suite 204, Novato, CA 94949, (415) 506-0234, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. Additional information about accreditation, including the filing of complaints against member institutions, can be found at: