Services and Programs

Contract Education offers an array of services designed to improve business and individual performance. These programs offer a single point of access to employers and individuals seeking training.

Performance Consulting Services

Business in a global economy is dynamic, increasingly complex, and highly competitive. To succeed you need systems and work standards that promote excellence, and a performance oriented workforce. Contract Education’s Needs Analysis services can help you achieve this standard.

Together, we can conduct a detailed needs analysis at your business, which includes a comparison between optimal performance and operating performance. From there, we will work together to develop a plan to help your employees meet optimal performance. These services can help you build and retain a competitive edge by linking your performance objectives to your bottom line business objectives.

We are flexible to deliver training at your location or at any one of our 10 campuses. We are a 24 hour, 7 day a week operation whether it is day, evening or weekend. We'll support meeting your business goals through a four-step process:

Needs Analysis

Starting with your business goals, our first step is to determine what employee performance is needed to achieve those goals. Along with that, the current performance level is determined. Causes and barriers to close the "performance gap" are identified.

Skills Assessment

Next, we identify training and/or work environment solutions. Working closely with in-house personnel and subject matter experts (SME), customized solutions are developed specifically for performance improvement.

Training & Work Environment Solutions

Once the performance gap is determined as a training need and/or change(s) in the work environment, we'll support you in implementing a plan. Training can be provided at your office or at many of our campus locations. We are available when you need us - any shift, in a time frame that fits your business schedule.

Evaluation and Measuring Impact

Finally, we assist you in evaluating performance improvement in the workplace. Measuring the impact of improved on-the-job performance links directly back to your business goals and an improved bottom line.

Customized Training

Every business encounters an occasional training-related stumbling block - times when your employees need additional training to perform at their peak. Perhaps you have had a change that requires process improvement, or your workers need training in a specific skill. Maybe your new equipment requires an increased level of mechanical or computer expertise, or your workforce needs a boost for team cohesion.

Whatever the situation, Contract Education can customize a training solution at low cost, on short notice, to meet your company’s needs. Some sample include: Leadership and Supervision Skills, Communication and Team Building, Customer Service, Computer Applications, Presentation Skills, English as a Second Language (ESL), Career Transition Management, Business Writing, and many others.

Looking for innovative online education strategies and solutions?  We can help. Contract Education offers a variety of on-line courses.  Your employees can work at their own pace and on their own timetables.  Popular topics include: accounting, business correspondence, spreadsheets for business, web page development, computer networking, and information technology.


Updated July 22, 2008