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VART 161 239-3422
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PHOT  50B  Hist/Aesthetics of Photography                 4.0
 52395 831 Onl       HOURS ARR     06/15-07/24                          Perry, K           Deadlines       Book
PHOTO 50B-Sec 831 is an online class with no required meetings on-campus. For course details students must check instructor's website at For more information about online courses go to
PHOT 51 Beginning Photography 3.0 52955 001 L/L M W F 09:10-12:00PM 06/15-07/24 HC A203 Weston, J Deadlines Final Book M W F 12:40-03:30PM 06/15-07/24 HC A203 Weston, J
This class meets three times per week. Students should own a manual camera with aperture and shutter controls.
PHOT 60A Beginning Photoshop 2.0
PREREQ.: VMD 105 OR CS 100M or demonstration of exit skills. ADVISE: PHOT 51.
52956 001 L/L T R 12:10-04:30PM 06/15-07/24 VART A165 Hough, T Deadlines Final Book
This class meets twice per week in V165.
PHOT 80 Outdoor & Ambient Lighting 3.0
52957 001 L/L M W 09:10-11:00AM 06/15-07/24 HC A202 Nishihira, R Deadlines Final Book M W 11:40-03:30PM 06/15-07/24 HC A202 Nishihira, R