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CLOU 239 www.ccsf.edu/dmi/ 239-3431
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DMI   62   Clinical Education in DMI I                    4.5
PREREQ.: SPCH 11 or 12 or 1A; and EMT 14 Open to accepted DMI program students only.
52564 001 Lab MTWRF 08:10-04:00PM 05/31-07/22 HOS  Hurley, K Deadlines Book SPACE AVAILABLE DMI 64 Clinical Education in DMI II 4.5
50122 401 Con MTWRF 08:10-04:00PM 06/13-08/05 HOS  Garcia, D Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE DMI 69 Clinical Ed. SS Internship 5.5
52607 001 Con MTWRF 08:10-04:00PM 05/31-07/29 HOS  Thornton, K Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE 50123 401 Con MTWRF 08:10-04:00PM 06/20-08/12 HOS  Yim, L Deadlines Final Book SPACE AVAILABLE