CS 111A Intro to Programming: Java (4)
Credit, Degree Applicable
ADVISE: MATH 60 or MATH 92 or placement in MATH 90
Introduction to computer programming and problem solving. No prior programming experience required. Course concepts include: problem solving techniques, algorithms, program design, control structures, methods, arrays and use of the Java programming language.
Offered on occasion
After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:Outcome 1: Describe the software development life-cycle and the use of algorithms in program design. Outcome 2: Develop, implement, and accurately predict the results of structured programs and code in Java, including the use of numeric and Boolean expressions, if and switch statements, loops, and nested control structures. Outcome 3: Write Java code with, and accurately predict the results of, methods that have reference and value parameters and return values. Outcome 4: Write Java code to pass and process arrays and Strings.
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