CHIN 31B Intermediate Mandarin Chinese for Bilingual Students (3)
Lec-52.5, Lab-17.5
Credit, Degree Applicable
P/NP Available
PREREQ.: Oral fluency in at least one Chinese dialect other than standard Mandarin and knowledge of approximately 800-1000 Chinese characters.
Intensive training in written and spoken Mandarin with emphasis on reading, speaking and composition. Increased linguistic ability in both English and Chinese are used as a basis for increasing vocabulary and enhancing reading and writing skills through short stories, poems, essays and compositions. Advanced training in written and spoken Mandarin.
Chinese 31A is not a prerequisite for Chinese 31B. These courses may be taken non-sequentially. This course is designed for bilingual students who are effective in oral communication in at least one Chinese dialect other than standard Mandarin, but need formal training in both receptive and productive skills in Mandarin.
Offered Spring semesters
Requires an additional 1 hour.

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

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