CDEV 75 High School Supervised Field Experience (3)
Lec-1, conf-2, work-5
Credit, Degree Applicable
ADVISE: ESL 130 (or placement in ESL 140) or ENGL 90 (or placement in ENGL 92)
Repeat: CDEV 71, 72, 75, 78, 111, 112 and 113 combined, maximum credit: 16 units
This course provides supervised fieldwork in high school or middle school classrooms with children or youth. Lab hours in actual classrooms will be combined with lectures covering observation, evaluation and curriculum planning strategies, the role of the adult and the student-learner. An overview of the California Curriculum Content Standards will be included. This course will fulfill the pre-admissions field experience requirement for CSU/UC Credential Programs for future secondary teachers.