CAHS 24 Specialty Baking and Decorating (3)
Lec-3, field trips
Credit, Degree Applicable
PREREQ.: ESL 140 or ENGL 90 or 91; placement in ESL 150 or ENGL 92; CAHS 10 or 10Q, or demonstration of CAHS 10 or 10Q exit skills.
Special instruction in the finer arts of baking and pastry preparation and decoration, as related to food service in deluxe hotels and restaurants. Procedures and recipes in French pastries, candy making, petits fours, cake design and decoration, including gumpaste work and decoration of seasonal and wedding cakes. How to organize and staff, tools, equipment and materials for baking preparation. Use of tools and cooking techniques are demonstrated. Evaluation of items prepared in class is done at each session.
Intended fo CAHS degree-candidate students and culinary professionals