BTEC 15 Career Exploration in Bioscience (2)
Lec-35, Lab-17.5
Credit, Degree Applicable
P/NP Available
ADVISE: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in any laboratory course in the CCSF Biotechnology Program or Bridge to Biosciences Program (BTEC 10, 107 and 108A); and completion of ESLN 3700 or ESL 130 or ENGL L or placement into ESLN 3800 or ESL 140, or ENGL 91
Students will explore various careers in bioscience through online research and informational interviews. They will present a summary of a chosen bioscience career to industry scientists. They will communicate and network with industry professionals, and attend professional workshops and seminars to gain internships and jobs through the Bridge Internship Program.

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

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