ART 185 Art Career/Transfer Portfolio Prep (3)
Lec-35, Lab-70, field trips
Credit, Degree Applicable
ADVISE: ART 136A or ART 137 or ART 130B or ART 132A or ART 140A or ART 145A or ART 146A or ART 150A or ART 151A or ART 152A or ART 156 or ART 160A or ART 162A or ART 170A or ART 180A or ART 181A or ART 190 or FASH 25A or FASH 64 or PHOT 51
Intensive survey of professional art practices that are necessary for a career as a visual artist. These practices include marketing, promoting, and exhibiting artwork, staging an exhibition, and preparing a transfer portfolio for a 4-year or graduate art program.
Offered Fall semesters
All sections will charge a material fee of $20.00

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

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