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  • CityNotes for Wednesday, February 1, 2017, CityNotes
  • Administrative Job Opportunity - Chancellor, CCSF HR
  • Update to Facilities Notice: Gas service to Ocean Campus south sideis back on!, Linda Da Silva
  • Update: Free City College Program, Susan Lamb
  • Bookstore Update, Susan Lamb
  • Facilities Notice: status of Ocean Campus southwest area gas linerepairs, Linda Da Silva
  • =?utf-8?q?Linda_da_Silva_shared_=22IMG=5F0078=2Emp4=22_with_you?=, Linda da Silva \(via Dropbox\)
  • Facilities Notice: update on Ocean Campus gas line repairs, Linda Da Silva
  • March 3 Accreditation Celebration of YOU - Save the Date, CCSF Distribution Email
  • Summer Semester SLO Reporting, SLO updates
  • CityNotes for Wednesday, February 15, CityNotes
  • Facilities Notice: Ocean Campus gas line repairs update (affectingSmith, Statler, Conlan, EOPS, Student Union), Linda Da Silva
  • Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE), CCSF Office of Research
  • CityNotes for Friday, February 17, 2017, CityNotes
  • Phishing - please delete email with the subject: UPDATE PORTAL, Jay Field
  • Accreditation Celebration!, InstitutionalDevelopment
  • Assessment of ILO 4 - Personal and Career Development - Invitation toCollege-Wide Forum, SLO updates
  • CCSF Workforce Housing Survey, CCSF Office of Research
  • Policies and Resources for the College Community RegardingTransgender Students, Susan Lamb
  • Gmail scam - be careful, Jay Field
  • League for Innovation Conference: Volunteers Needed, CCSF Distribution Email
  • Facilities Notice: status of gas service repairs at Ocean Campus, Linda Da Silva

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