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Recent Audit Reports

To: "ccsf@cloud.ccsf.edu" <ccsf@cloud.ccsf.edu>
Subject: Recent Audit Reports
From: Susan Lamb <slamb@ccsf.edu>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2016 00:04:07 +0000


Dear College Community,


As you may have seen, the agenda for the Board of Trustees meeting this coming Thursday, December 15, contains two audit reports.


The first is the college’s annual audit for 2015-16. I am very pleased to note that we have only one non-reoccurring finding. In other words, we have addressed past ongoing budgetary control issues and reoccurring findings. This is a huge accomplishment and represents the current City College: one which utilizes best practices for its finances and operations, and models continuous improvement.


The second audit report represents a practice that we discovered in November 2013 and immediately reported and corrected. During my first month as Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, I became aware that we were collecting apportionment for distance education lab hours in which no web-based shell was created. These distance education labs were paired with a face-to-face class. These shells are required in order to collect apportionment from the state. As a result, the college was not compliant with state requirements for maintaining and providing documentation supporting students’ individual participation. I brought this to the attention of then-Chancellor Tyler in January 2014 after thoroughly researching and verifying the situation. Dr. Tyler reported the situation to the California Community College State Chancellor’s Office which required that the District undergo an external audit of these identified courses. The results of the audit have now been received. The audit identified a total of $38.9 million that we must repay to the state.


The State Chancellor’s Office has worked collaboratively with us to negotiate an extended payback period of 10 years. I want to stress that this is not representative of the District’s operations today; rather, this is the conclusion of a previously identified issue. The college will continue to move forward, incorporating the payment plan into its financial planning models.


I also want to point out that this past incident is in no way a reflection of the overall quality of our distance learning program or our online and hybrid-online classes. We have an exemplary program with substantive and regular interaction with our students. The issue we uncovered was related to distance education labs attached to specific face-to-face classes. The intent of the online supplemental labs was to give students more exposure to the material so they could get a better understanding of the subject matter. The lab hours were not required for the credit units awarded. Even without the additional hours, students met the required hours and course content necessary to receive credit for the course.


I know that the amount of payback is disappointing when we made this correction several years ago and considered it behind us. We are working hard with the enrollment management plan to mitigate the financial situation by working to grow the college through partnerships with SFUSD, the City of San Francisco, and community organizations.


I greatly appreciate your ongoing support for City College.  I know how hard you are working to ensure that we move forward effectively.  Thank you for all you do.





Susan Lamb

Interim Chancellor

Susan E. Lamb

Interim Chancellor


(415) 239-3303


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