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CityNotes for Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Subject: CityNotes for Tuesday, April 26, 2016
From: CityNotes <Citynotes@ccsf.edu>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 21:32:10 +0000

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1. Downtown Center Job Fair - May 4
2. Lindy McKnight's Retirement Gathering - May 4
3. Alpha Beta Gamma Presents: CCSF Business Students Alumni Panel and Mixer - May 5
4. End-Of-Year Celebration and Retirement Party - May 5

1. Downtown Center Job Fair - May 4

Wednesday, May 4
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Downtown Center - 88 4th Street

Network with employer representatives about local jobs, careers, and internship opportunities in a variety of fields, including: Administrative and Office Support Occupations; Airport; Civil Service/Government; Health Care; Retail; Hospitality; Banking; Law Enforcement; and SF Pretrial Diversion Project. 

Employment specialists will be present to support your employment needs. For additional information, please see the attached flyer.

2. Lindy McKnight's Retirement Gathering, May 4

Please join us in celebrating Lindy McKnight's 25 years at City College of San Francisco and wishing her the best as she enters a well-deserved and exciting retirement.

Lindy's contributions to the college overall, but specifically her years of dedicated service and leadership in Student Development has been nothing short of phenomenal. As she takes this leap into new adventures, please come celebrate with us in recognizing her invaluable contributions and fearless leadership as a counselor, dean and vice chancellor during her tenure at the college.

Thank you Lindy.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

MUB 140

Light refreshments and cake will be served.


If you have any questions, please conta
ct Erin Cunningham (ecunning@ccsf.edu)Cynthia Obenchain (cobencha@ccsf.edu), Petrina Chi (pchi@ccsf.edu), or Tessa Henderson-Brown (thenders@ccsf.edu).

3. Alpha Beta Gamma Presents: CCSF Business Students Alumni Panel and Mixer - May 5

Thursday, May 5 at 3:00pm
MUB 330

Come hear from CCSF students who have graduated from four-year schools and are working in a variety of fields. For additional information, please see the attached flyer or contact Susan Berston at sberston@ccsf.edu

4. End-Of-Year Celebration and Retirement Party - May 5

From Trinh Tran, President, CCSF Faculty Association & Friends:

Please mark your calendars! The Faculty Association & Friends, together with the Chancellor¬ís Office, would like to invite you to our annual End-of-the-Year Celebration to be held on Thursday, May 5. Please join us at this event as we will also be honoring our current retirees and their many contributions to City College. 


Put on your dancing shoes, festive attire, and come wish adios to our amigos and amigas!


Date: May 5, 2016

Time: 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Where: Chef's Table at the Pierre Coste Restaurant

General Admission: $10

Alumni (Retired Faculty, Staff, Admin): $5

Retirees (2015-1016 honorees) + 1 guest: Free


Please RSVP by April 29 so we can plan for food and beverages accordingly:


CLASSIFIED STAFF, please RSVP to Jill Kersey at ClassifiedSenate@ccsf.edu    

FACULTY, please RSVP to Trinh Tran at tttran@ccsf.edu  

ADMINISTRATORS, please RSVP to David Martin at dmartin@ccsf.edu


Please also let us know the following: 

--If you are a current CCSF employee

--If you are a retiring 

--If you are an alumni 

--If you need a parking permit (it will be sent electronically to your email)


We look forward to seeing you all at this fun and festive celebration!




We would like honor the following 2015-2016 retirees for their dedicated service 

to the City College of San Francisco






Andersen, Dale

Aguilar, Fernando

Li, Xinhua

Hall, Terrance

Burnell, Tyrone

Arack, Patricia

Mack, Beverly

Jew, Carl

Chow, Pamela

Akana, Susan

Macri, Benjamin

Low, Joanne

Dreher, Catherine

Azarmi, Gholam

McKnight, Lindy

Gallerani, Marian

Cheng, Eva Y.

Miller, David J

Hathaway, Susan

Cummins, James E

Miller, H. Brown

Jacques, Michele

Cunningham, Tomi

Money-Collins, Holly

Lei, Jeanne

Duncan, Yvonne

Moore, Mik

Mitchell, Gloria

Dvorson, Betty

Moss, Carolanne

Santos, Marylou

Encisco, Franz

Mulholland, Patrice

Soon-Chan, Donna

Endres, Rose

Orr, Douglas

Fang, Lynn

Owens, Rhonella

Fiore, Linda

Paul, Alan

Glazer, Shelley

Picheny, Jacob

Goodfriend-Koven, Nora

Prunty, Donald

Grady, Margaret

Queen, Miriam

Guo, Sujuan

Restivo, Douglas

Hsu, Wei-Jane

Sabolboro, Jessica

Hubbell, Judy

Sellin, Sandra

Ikeda, Vivian

Shaeffer, Chris

Ishibashi, Jean

Silver, Elizabeth

Kastner, Barbara

Tong, Philip

Kellond, Maureen

Wagner, Lisa

Kitchel, Marc

White, Eva G.

Lee, Josephine

Wick, Corinne

Leung, Lorelei

Yu, Howard

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