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CityNotes for Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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Subject: CityNotes for Tuesday, February 23, 2016
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1. From the CCSF Police Department: Fraudulent Flyer Advertising Student Work
2. Faculty Presentation: Sabbatical on Bioethics Commission
3. The Passing of 
Former CCSF President 
Dr. Willis F. Kirk 
4. Consumer Protection Course: Ten Steps to Buying and Selling a Home
5. An Introduction to Philippine Ensemble Music
6. Diversity: From Intention to Reality
7. Faculty: Summer and Fall Course Material Adoptions
8. Come enjoy “A Taste of Oaxaca” this summer with Chef Mark Hodgson
9. An Evening with Guillermo Gómez-Peña

1. From the CCSF Police Department: Fraudulent Flyer Advertising Student Work

The CCSF police department has become aware of fraudulent flyers posted around the Ocean Campus advertising online work to students, requiring them to pay $40 to sign up. While the police department removed the flyers at the beginning of the semester, they are being re-posted. If you see any of the attached flyers around campus, please remove them immediately. The “CCSF Approved” stamp is not legitimate as there is no record of requested permission to post. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

2. Faculty Presentation: Sabbatical on Bioethics Commission

From Steven Kessler, Biology Professor: 

On Friday, February 26th from 12:00 - 1:00pm in room S-300, I will present the work I did while on sabbatical last spring as a visiting fellow with the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues in Washington, D.C. It was a great honor to have worked with the commission and I feel very lucky to have been chosen for the fellowship.

I was brought on to the Bioethics Commission's staff to help develop educational materials aimed at integrating ethics into undergraduate and high school basic biology courses. As a result of my time there I developed two classroom discussion guides - one on the Ebola outbreak and another on neuroethics - that include issues such as the design of clinical research with vulnerable human subjects. Both of the discussion guides can be found on the commission's website, bioethics.gov.

The presentation will include background on the operation of the Bioethics Commission and how I have incorporated the discussion guides in my classroom. I also hope to have a discussion on how to incorporate ethics into science teaching, even when the instructor has little or no background in ethics. 

3. The Passing of 
Former CCSF President 
Dr. Willis F. Kirk 

From the family and friends of Dr. Willis F. Kirk:

We are saddened to announce that Dr. Willis F. Kirk, Jr. (1928-2016) transitioned Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016 in San Francisco, California. There will be private family services in San Francisco, yet to be arranged, with burial in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. A Memorial Celebration of his great life will be forthcoming, and information about condolences and wishes of sympathy, flowers, etc. will be announced later. His wife Roslyn, son Brian, and daughter Cynthia thank you in advance for your kind expressions of sympathy!


Dr. Kirk was a world renowned legendary jazz educator, musician, jazz drummer, poet, and composer/arranger. He taught instrumental music in Indianapolis and Oakland Schools and went on to serve on the administration at City College of San Francisco where he retired as President Emeritus. He received his Doctor in Education Administration from Walden University, as well as a Masters Degree and honorary Doctor of Arts Degree from his alma mater, Butler University, in Indianapolis, Indiana.


He performed in early bands with jazz greats ‘Duke’ Ellington, Earl ‘Fatha’ Hines, Lionel Hampton, Tony Bennett, Charlie Parker, Wes, Buddy, and Monk Montgomery (seen in the movie with Thelonious Monk “Round Midnight”),  J.J. Johnson, Slide Hampton, and Jimmie Coe; co-led the Eldridge Morrison Big Band; co-founded the David Hardiman San Francisco All Star Big Band and recorded on “It’ll Be All Right,” David Hardiman’s SF All Star Big Band “37th Anniversary,” “Portrait of David Hardiman,” and David Hardiman’s "Music Around the World” (CD Baby Music Store). Dr. Kirk also played with the African American Jazz Caucus Dance Band where he served on the Board of Directors (International Ass. Jazz Ed.).   

He published the drumming method book “Brush Fire” (Houston Publishing) and composed, arranged, and recorded the Religious Modern Oratorio “Rejoice! Rejoice!” (CD Baby Music Store) that was performed in New York, Long Beach, CA, and San Francisco, CA. He recently recorded with the quartet “East Side Groove” (CD Baby Music Store). He received the AAJC Meade Legacy Griot award and Jazz Masters award, and the Dr. Willis Kirk Scholarship Fund was set up in his honor at Covenant Community Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. He was featured in the article: Dr. Willis Kirk: A Sacred Jazz Life | JazzEd Magazine | Jazz Education.

4. Consumer Protection Course: Ten Steps to Buying and Selling a Home

Join the California Community College Real Estate Education Center for a consumer protection program, “Ten Steps to Buying and Selling a Home,” on Saturday, March 12 at the CCSF Mission Campus. The program is funded by the California Bureau of Business Oversight, and will inform mortgage borrowers of their rights. It will be offered in both English and Spanish.


Please see the attached flyer for more information. You can also RSVP for the event here.

5. An Introduction to Philippine Ensemble Music

Please join Dr. Bernard Ellorin for an introductory workshop to indigenous Philippine ensemble music. As a Philippine focused ethnomusicologist, Ellorin has studied with native practitioners both in the Philippines and California. From the Cordillera region of northern Luzon to south-west Mindanao, the workshop will provide an in-depth understanding of the gongs and bamboo traditions of the Kalingga and Maguindanao people. Come experience this rare opportunity to understand the cultural context and fundamental musical practices that contribute to the diversity of Philippine culture in the diaspora. Please see the attached flyer for details.

6. Diversity: From Intention to Reality

Diversity: From Intention to Reality

Thursday, March 3 from 8:30-1:30 pm on the CCSF Ocean Campus

The Diversity Committee and the Multicultural Infusion Project invites you to attend an event on March 3 that will encourage diversity, inclusion, and social justice at CCSF. The special guest speaker will be Dr. Julianne Malveaux, a labor economist, noted author, and commentator. We encourage everyone to use #CCSFDiversity2016 when referring to the Diversity event on social media! Please see the attached flyer for details.

7. Faculty: Summer and Fall Course Material Adoptions

Summer and fall courses are coming! Be sure to submit your adoptions online, by email, or in person at any CCSF Bookstores location to make sure course books are accessible to students before classes begin.

March 4: Summer 2016 Course Materials Adoptions Due
March 18: Fall 2016 Course Materials Adoptions Due
April 29: Summer 2016 Reader Manuscripts Due
June 24: Fall 2016 Reader Manuscripts Due

Please also see the attached flyer.

8. Come enjoy “A Taste of Oaxaca” this summer with Chef Mark Hodgson


Do you love to cook? Sample exotic cuisine from around the world? Travel and learn about foreign cultures and languages? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, please join CAHS Instructor Chef Mark Hodgson and other CCSF students and community members for CCSF’s “A Taste of Oaxaca” Study Abroad Program in Mexico this summer. See the attached brochure and application for details. For more information, please contact Jill Heffron, CCSF Study Abroad Coordinator at 415-239-3778 or jheffron@ccsf.edu

9. An Evening with Guillermo Gómez-Peña

In his latest solo work, “El border brujo” draws from his 30 year old “living archive” and combines new and classic performance material to present a unique perspective on the immediate future of the Americas. His-self styled “imaginary activism” invokes performance art as a form of radical democracy and citizenship.

Combining spoken word poetry, activist theory, radical storytelling and language experimentation, Gómez-Peña offers critical and humorous commentary about the art world, academia, new technologies, the culture of war and violence in the US, organized crime in Mexico, gender and race politics, and the latest wave of complications surrounding gentrification in the “creative city”.

Besides his international work with the legendary troupe La Pocha Nostra, he has presented his solo work at museums, universities, galleries and theatres throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia and South Africa.

Gómez-Peña’s unique format reveals to an audience the process of creating, languaging and performing material and this process becomes the actual project. It is precisely in his new solo work where Gómez-Peña’s literature, theory, activism, pedagogy & live art come together in a wonderfully strange mix.

Gómez-Peña has spent many years developing his unique solo style, “a combination of embodied poetry, performance activism and theatricalizations of postcolonial theory.” In his ten books, as in his live performances, digital art, videos and photo-performances, he pushes the boundaries still further, exploring what’s left for artists to do in a repressive global culture of censorship, paranoid nationalism and what he terms “the mainstream bizarre.” Gómez-Peña examines where this leaves the critical practice of artists who aim to make tactical, performative interventions into our notions of culture, race and sexuality. Most recently he has also been exploring the poetic and activist use of new technologies and social media.

See the attached flyer for details.

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