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Special CARNAVAL CityNotes Message

To: "ccsf@cloud.ccsf.edu" <ccsf@cloud.ccsf.cc.ca.us>
Subject: Special CARNAVAL CityNotes Message
From: CityNotes <Citynotes@ccsf.edu>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 18:26:43 +0000
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Calling for CARNAVAL Volunteers: CCSF - EOPS is participating as an exhibitor at the 36th annual Carnaval San Francisco event on May 24 & 25th. This is a great opportunity to let the community know that CCSF is open and accredited, and ready to recruit prospective students as the event attracts over 500,000+ community members. "Carnaval San Francisco Festival takes place in the heart of the Mission along Harrison Street, Between 16th and 24th, with artist display spaces down the center of the street, back-to-back facing the sidewalks". Please see website for more information about the event: http://carnavalsanfrancisco.org/festival.html#map .


CCSF - EOPS is seeking volunteers to distribute information about CCSF and its programs in a two-hour shift during this two day event. Please contact Dr. Eliazer Ayala-Austin of EOPS (415-239-3440, or eayala-austin@ccsf.edu) to volunteer, and for more informationCa