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CityNotes for Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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A Big performance day at CCSF. First the news, then the events!

1. 3rd annual Lavender Graduation Celebration and awards

2. Brazilian Exchange Students' wins

3. Follet Bookstore Scholarships

4. Art at CCSF (Summer inspirations)

5. Today's (many) events

    A. Charanga Orchestra Performance

    B. Ukulele and Voice Concert
    C. Spring Fling Voice Recital

    D. Forum Literary Magazine's Panel Discussion with Q & A



1. Lavender Graduation Celebration and awards: Come celebrate the 3rd Annual Lavender Graduation and Diversity Awards with us! Next Thursday, May 22nd we will honor LGBTQ and allied graduates, certificate earners and transfer students in a fun-filled night MC'd by Donna Sachet and keynoted by Supervisor David Campos. Don't miss awardees, including American Idol contestant MK Nobilette, the Vicki Marlane Campaign and special guest Supervisor Jane Kim! See attachment Lav Grad 14 ad.png

What: Lavender Graduation & Diversity Awards 2014
When: 5pm-7pm 
Where: Diego Rivera Theater 
Followed by: Reception and Queer Prom in the QRC with plenty of bites to eat and the famous Lav Grad cake. 

2. Brazilian Exchange Students' wins: Three CCSF Computer Science Students on exchange from Brazil took top honors in recent "hackathons." These events are not about hacking, but about computer challenge problem solving in teams. The three students are being sponsored by the Brazilian Government's Science Without Borders Program (like our STEM). See the attached flier Brazil STEM Winners.pdf to learn more about Hackathons and these three winning students.


3. Follet Bookstore Scholarships: Sixty $100 book voucher awards will be given in the Fall 2014 semester to CCSF students who qualify. See the attached flier Follett Bookstore1 s14.pdf for more information -- eligibility and application process. Deadline for application is Wednesday, May 21st.


4. Art at CCSF (Summer inspirations): Are you looking for something new and colorful to add to your curriculum for the summer or fall, with Free Materials at no cost to the students? A great unit to include is an exploration of the great works of art we have at the Ocean campus and the Centers. The Rosenberg Library is also a great resource of primary source materials about the art that students can use for research. See the three attachments for more information. A great free resource on campus!

    1. Art at CCSF.pdf

    2. Art Guide Cover jpeg.jpeg

    3. ILO's about Campus Art for students.docx


5. Today's (many) events

    A. Charanga Orchestra Performance: Featuring Afro-Cuban selections. Dancing encouraged with reception to follow. 8:00 PM in Band Room A132

    B. Ukulele and Voice Concert: Music of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd. 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM in Choral room, A-133 room #109. Performed by faculty member Brian Fergus
    C. Spring Fling Voice Recital: at Caffe d'Meliano, 1314 Ocean Ave. at Plymouth. Students of Helen Dilworth to perform and entertain.

    D. Forum Literary Magazine's Panel Discussion with Q & A: "The writing process at how to get published" will be hosted tonight from 6:00 - 8:00 PM in VA 115. In addition to a vibrant panel including Thomas Sayers Ellis, Kristen Philipkoski, and Julia Scheeres, there will be food, drink, magazines, a blind-date-with-a-book and prize giveaways. Sounds like a lot of fun. See attachment Writing Panel Flier.pdf for greater detail.

Follett Bookstore1 s14.pdf

Lav Grad 14 ad.png

Brazil STEM Winners.pdf

ILO's about Campus Art for students.docx

Art Guide cover jpeg.jpg

Art at CCSF.pdf

writing panel flyer.pdf