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CityNotes, March 27, 2014

To: "ccsf@cloud.ccsf.edu" <ccsf@cloud.ccsf.cc.ca.us>
Subject: CityNotes, March 27, 2014
From: CityNotes <Citynotes@ccsf.edu>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 17:53:36 +0000

1. Schedule online

2. Emergency Evacuation Drill

3. Lessons From Abroad Returnee Conference

4. Prerequisites and registration

5. Conversation Series on Civility, Respect, and Campus Climate


1. Schedule online: The Summer 2014 schedule of classes is online right now. The printed schedule will be arriving on campus and at the post office on Tuesday, April 8th. The printed Fall  2014 schedule will be delivered on April 16th, with web posting sometime before that. The cover designs were made by Sally Lei & Sandy Chow, Emerge Studio, with photos contributed by Nico Henderson, Tim Coy, Oxana Tocareva and Oscar Alvarez. Theme: Connect to Your Future


2. Emergency Evacuation Drill: Due to inclement weather, the emergency evacuation drill that had previously been scheduled has now been rescheduled for sometime during the week of April 7th through 11th. Please see attached Evac drill notice 2014 highlighted.pdf for more information.


3. Lessons From Abroad Returnee Conference on April 12: CCSF will host this year’s Northern California conference which is geared toward providing students who have studied abroad the chance to learn about how to talk about their global skills in a job interviews, network with professionals in internationally-focused careers, and to provide information on opportunities to study and work abroad, as well as work with a career counselor to update their resumes. International students and others with overseas experience are also welcome to attend. For more information, contact Jill Heffron, Study Abroad Programs Coordinator at jheffron@ccsf.eduhttps://www.facebook.com/SFLessonsfromAbroad or call her 415-239-3778.

4. Prerequisites and registration: Faculty -- please read and share the information in attachment Letter-to-Faculty-March2014.pdf regarding how the registration process will handle prerequisites. If students don't understand the process, they might be quite frustrated.


5. Conversation Series on Civility, Respect, and Campus Climate:

    To: CCSF Campus Community
    From: CMT (Crisis Management Team)
    Members: Andre Barnes, Leilani Battiste , Douglas Bish, Geisce Ly, Fabienne McPhail Naples, Becky Perelli ,Muriel Parenteau, Samuel Santos, Frederick Teti


Dear Campus Community:

The Crisis Management Team would like to invite members of the entire campus community for a conversation series on civility, respect, and creating a supportive campus climate.  These conversations are an opportunity for everyone (students, faculty, and classified staff) to share ideas on healing and working together.

April 10, 2014, 5:30-7:30PM, MUB 140
April 14, 2014, 1:00-3:00PM, Student Union 208
April 16, 2014, 10:00 – 12:00PM MUB 140

For questions regarding the conversation series, please contact Samuel Santos (chair of the Crisis Management Team) at ssantos@ccsf.edu

Thank you,
Crisis Management Team

Evac drill notice 2014 highlighted.pdf