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CityNotes 3/3/14

To: "ccsf@cloud.ccsf.edu" <ccsf@cloud.ccsf.cc.ca.us>
Subject: CityNotes 3/3/14
From: CityNotes <Citynotes@ccsf.edu>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2014 01:03:01 +0000

Scroll down to read about

-- Education Master Plan

-- Special Themed Dinners this Spring

-- Special Cafeteria and Culinary Arts Dates and Notices

-- A poetry reading for you and your students


CCSF's Education Master Plan (aka EMP): It is currently under development. This five year, long- range plan will set a unified direction for our future.  The EMP process needs YOU for it to be effective and meaningful. We welcome all students, faculty, classified staff, administrators, and members of the San Francisco public.
How can you be involved? 
1. Complete the SOAR survey at www.ccsf.edu/SOAR
2. Attend Strategy Sessions and Forums.  For information about activities occurring in March go to www.ccsf.edu/EMPcalendar
3. Want to know more?  See www.ccsf.edu/EMP


Experience a Taste of Africa! Everyone is invited to join us in the Pierre Coste Restaurant this Thursday evening March 6th for a North African themed dinner presented by CAHS catering & culinary students. Please see attached menu: north Africa menu.pdf  Reservations recommended.
Contact Barbara Haimes @ 239-3184 or barbara.haimes@mail.ccsf.edu.


CAHS Ocean Campus Food Service—Important Dates:
3/18 & 3/19: The Pierre Coste Dining Room will be closed as we change our menu and train a new group of students.
3/18: Dots Diner will be closed
4/13: WOK on the Wild Side Fundraiser (Ocean Campus; 4-7 pm)
4/30: Ocean Campus Spring Buffet

Thank you for your continued patronage and support.


A Poetry Reading for You and Your Students: Please encourage students to attend a poetry reading, featuring two poets with upcoming publications by Yes, Yes Books—Danniel Schoonebeek and J. Bradley—as well as poet KMA Sullivan, editor of Vinyl Poetry.  See the attached flyer: YYB at City College.  All are welcome. 
Poetry Reading with Danniel Schoonebeek,

J. Bradley, & KMA Sullivan

Thursday, 3/13, :200-3:30 pm in Library room R305

north africa menu.pdf

YYB at City College.pdf