Web Page Development Guide

Individual's Pages vs. Official Pages

Standards and Guidelines

The CCSF Disclaimer Page


The Approval Process

For those pages requiring approval:
  1. Development of web presentations will be preformed in the developers' personal file space.
  2. When the presentation is complete and ready to be published on the web, the developer will submit the presentation to the appropriate person for approval (Department Chair, supervisor, or School Dean). This person will review the presentation to determine if it accurately represents the services provided by the area and that the information provided within the presentation is appropriate for publication.
  3. Once the presentation has been approved for content, a Department Web Site Request Form needs to be submitted to ITS where web server file space will be created.
  4. The presentation will be uploaded to the web server file space by the developer.
  5. Webmaster will be notified to evaluate the presentation for form and adherence to the standards as described above. If approved, appropriate links will be added to the main college presentation.

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