2013 Academic Senate Executive Council Election
Candidates' Statements - Vote for no more than 15
  1. 1. Kimberly Keenan   kkeenan@ccsf.edu   239-3559
    Social Sciences

    As a member, I will bring fresh energy and ideas to the council. I am committed to working for all faculty and addressing our challenging issues in a collegial and collective manner. My experience on the AFT negotiations team where I have served for the past nine years as both a part-time and full-time faculty member will provide a valuable background. In addition, my past participation as an AFT Executive Board Member involved discussion and voting on a broad range of important issues which will be helpful when considering academic and professional matters on the council. I have also served on workgroups for accreditation and as an election commissioner in the last election for Executive Council of the Academic Senate. I would welcome the opportunity to serve the college community as we work on important governance issues within our newly restructured institution. Since 2002 I have taught political science as a part-time and full time faculty member. I believe the ability to serve on the Executive Council would be an honor and provide engagement possibilities to further our mission, foster collaboration and enhance student and faculty achievement.

  2. 2. Francine Podenski   francine.podenski@mail.ccsf.edu   239-3351
    Broadcast Electronic Media Arts

    Francine Podenski is a long-time advocate for transparent, data informed and inclusive college decision making processes. She advocates for faculty participation in academic and professional matters to ensure student needs are met and student success is achieved.

    Francine Podenski has taught a variety of media studies and production classes in Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and currently teaches online classes. Francine has served on the Academic Senate Executive Council for several terms during her teaching career at CCSF (two years as second Vice President). As District Communications Committee Chair for several years, she worked closely with the College Marketing and Public Information Office to promote the college and all its programs. The Communications Committee also reviewed and coordinated volunteer CCSF Web Page Content Management until the committee was discontinued in Fall 2012. The committee addressed marketing issues and provided content management and oversight for the CCSF Web Pages. Francine is currently a Department Chair and participates in the CCSF Collegial and Participatory Governance systems.

  3. 3. Dennis Mullen   dmullen@ccsf.edu   452-4731

    As a business instructor of Managerial Accounting and International Finance, I pledge to especially serve the Senate by closely reviewing all budgets and financial statements issued from or about CCSF. I have already volunteered to help streamline scholarship allocation processes. In addition, I perform in and manage a ballet company and could contribute to Senate issues involving the arts as well.

  4. 4. Anna Asebedo   aasebedo@ccsf.edu   239-3252

    As a current Executive Council member, I have worked with fellow teachers in responding to legislative initiatives such as the Student Success Task Force and increased repeatability restrictions. I have helped review many college documents and plans in order to support faculty driven curriculum and academic standards. My work has provided me a well-grounded understanding of CCSF's governance processes and deepened my value of the many people who work to support our teaching and our students.

    In this time of accelerated change, I offer my experience, labor and enthusiasm to foster faculty's full participation in our College's educational process.

    Thank you.

  5. 5. Donna Hayes   dhayes@ccsf.edu   239-3313
    Counseling Services

    As a counselor at the Ocean campus for 23 years, I have a deep respect for the CCSF culture and community. During this time of turmoil and transition I want to ensure that our long-standing mission statement is honored, and that our City College succeeds. I appreciate your vote. I am currently the chairperson of the Academic Senate Transfer Issues Committee (and have been for 11 years), and am member of the Curriculum Committee for this semester and am a member of the Participatory Government Accreditation Committee. I have served as counseling liaison to the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department. I have participated in MIP workshops. I co-facilitated a counseling group that met to discuss issues and best practices, which encouraged people to ask questions and get clarity.

  6. 6. Wendy Kaufmyn   wkaufmyn@ccsf.edu   239-3159
    Engineering and Technology

    For 30 years I’ve kept to my classroom, unconcerned with college politics. It was a luxury I could afford because when I looked around I was immensely proud of what I saw: A great institution that offered quality education and opportunities to communities that would otherwise not have them. I looked around and appreciated the diversity of the students and the programs that served them. Then… I went on sabbatical and things fell apart! I returned to a college that had been taken over by hostile outsiders, imposing drastic and ill-conceived changes. They indicate no interest in the rich history or mission of CCSF, much less the voice of students, staff, faculty or the San Francisco community.

    I will work to preserve affordable and quality education at CCSF that is open and accessible and addresses the needs of the broad and diverse community in San Francisco. I will fight back against undemocratically imposed cuts to educational programs and unilateral restructuring of college governance. I believe that education is a human right and that we must support student equity and close the achievement gap. In short, I believe in keeping the public in public education and the community in community college.

  7. 7. Carole Meagher   cmeagher@ccsf.edu   239-3512

    To read me on eff@ccsf.edu is to know me. You might not always agree, but you know why I think what I do, and why I believe it has the best interests of the college, the faculty and the students at heart. Before CCSF I worked in business and bring experience in Finance, Management and Marketing. I hold a BA in Political Economics from UC Berkeley, an MBA from Santa Clara University and am working on my EdD, with an emphasis in Higher Education Administration, at University of San Francisco. Currently I actively serve on the CCSF School of Business Advisory Board and three Participatory Governance Committees: Basic Skills, Enrollment Management and Education Policies. Finally, I promise that, if elected, I will support a resolution inviting the Board of Trustees and Interim Administration to take my Introduction to Management and Supervision class where they can learn Effective Leadership, Organizational Behavior, and Change and Crisis Management. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you all in a more active way on the Executive Council.

  8. 8. Debra Wilensky   dswilensky@comcast.net   297-1552

    I’ve taught non-credit ESL at CCSF since 1979, including 13+ years as a part-timer. I served on the Centers Academic Senate for the 7 years prior to the 1990 reorganization merger of credit and non-credit, including 3 years as secretary. I have also served on several committees and the AFT, but until now, had not felt the call to serve on the Executive Council of the Academic Senate. The Academic Senate provides an overall perspective that helps us work together to preserve the integrity of our great college to ensure that we continue to improve our service to our students and the people of San Francisco. In these trying times, I feel it is time for me to help the Academic Senate and its Executive Council maintain our vigilance and work together to keep this college great.

  9. 9. Fred Teti   fteti@ccsf.edu   239-3357

    These are challenging times for the District and the faculty voice is under attack. I feel I can represent us strongly and work toward making ourselves heard so we can restore the College’s magnificence and serve our students as they deserve. It was my privilege to serve on the Executive Council for six two-year terms starting in 1998 and I have been elected as an officer eight times. I welcome the opportunity to serve on the Council again. I teach credit math at the Ocean Avenue Center Campus but my many years in the District have sensitized me to the perspectives and needs of the entire faculty, be they counselors, librarians, adjuncts, or noncredit instructors at the other Campuses. I am not afraid to question the administration’s decisions. I climb onto the otherwise-invisible room-elephants. I have a knack for opening cans of worms and then consulting collegially about them. . Please note also that I plan to apply for a sabbatical sometime in 2014–2015, so, if elected, I might have only one year on Council this term

  10. 10. Benedict Lim   blim@ccsf.edu   452-7248

    I recently served on a council at a nearby college and would like to bring the insights I gained there to support my CCSF colleagues.

  11. 11. Steven Brown   sbrown@ccsf.edu   239-3140
    Environmental Horticulture/Floristry

    With previous experience as a member and as Second Vice President, I hope to return to the Executive Council and contribute to the College's Governance with a fair mind and sound approach. I have no political agenda and seek only what is right for our students our workplace and our college.

  12. 12. Lillian Marrujo-Duck   lduck@ccsf.edu   239-3531
    Social Sciences

    If you vote for me you will be electing someone who fully supports having as much control as possible remain in the hands of our experienced faculty. I also fully support SLOs as a quality assurance process because it generates important conversations. My goal in my classes has been to create a flexible yet demanding learning environment for all students, from every background, with every different kind of need, and putting the opportunity of success into their hands. I would bring that same attitude to the Executive Council.

    I attended three different community colleges and five different schools in my efforts to gain an education. I balanced husband, children, job, and classes, during the day, evening, weekends, whatever I could get to. I did not get it done in 4 years. I want every student with the same drive to have the same opportunity I did. This is why I teach at a community college.

    We face difficult challenges. I would listen, a lot, before contributing to any decision.

  13. 13. Monica Bosson   mbosson@ccsf.edu   452-7027

    I love City College!

    I adamantly support faculty voices in academic affairs, academic freedom, diversity, and the union. I attend meetings and do my homework. I worked on the BART outreach, SLOs, and the editing of the show cause report. Also, I want to celebrate our successes.We have all faced a turmoil-filled year. The faculty, students, and classified staff have been hurt by the recent cuts. Oh my, it hurts! I want us to resume being lauded as one of the best community colleges in the country. I know that all of us have continued to rise to that challenge. The question now is how we can rise to new heights with the austerity measures we face. Of course, as we face this challenge, we will continue to fight for our students and guide them to excel.

    I am open to your input, and I would be honored to serve again.

    Thank you for your vote.

  14. 14. Dayo Diggs   ddiggs@ccsf.edu   452-7059
    Health Science

    As native San Franciscan and a former student and graduate of City College of San Francisco (CCSF), I have a unique perspective as it relates to our students and their academic needs. I returned to CCSF as an adjunct faculty with gratitude and excitement; anticipating giving back just a small portion of what has been giving to me from the CCSF family. Also as an education researcher, I can contribute greatly in the discussion regarding all polices effecting the matriculation of our student population. It would my honor to serve CCSF as part of the Academic Senate Executive Council.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Dayo M. Diggs

  15. 15. Laura Walsh   lwalsh@ccsf.edu   452-7139

    I’m interested in helping to ensure that the College is organized and managed in the best interests of students, instructors, other employees, and the community. Some of the many changes that are currently being proposed and enacted may benefit the College, while others may not, but they should all be carefully considered by faculty as well as the other constituent groups. I would like to join the Executive Council because I enjoy conducting and interpreting research and consulting with colleagues on its implications for data-driven policy decisions. As the Credit ESL Assessment Coordinator, I have overseen the construction of our common final exams, monitored the exams for quality and reliability, and provided feedback to instructors and the department on the implications of test results for curriculum and instruction, thus closing the “SLO loop” in a cycle of continuous improvement. On the Executive Board of the California/Nevada affiliate of TESOL, as a language testing consultant for the CCCCO, and on various CCSF shared governance committees, I have participated in policy and planning discussions.

    Above all, I would like to join the Executive Council for the opportunity to do whatever I can for this College where I have taught for twenty-six years.

  16. 16. Rosario Villasana   mvillasa@ccsf.edu   920-6033
    Child Development/Family Studies

    Faculty voice is critically needed at this time of great challenges and changes. My first year on the executive council has been a crash course in the global aspects of college life and health. Vital questions need to be addressed and I bring perspectives that add to the big picture; most of my work is based at a campus/center, I teach both credit and non-credit, I have been part time faculty since 1987 and full time faculty since 2007. This experience has given me an understanding of the investment and commitment to students and the college that instructors make every day. I consider myself an advocate for education and quality of life for our students, teachers and CCSF community.

  17. 17. Michele Alaniz   malaniz@ccsf.edu   452-5549 
    Library Services

    I have worked as a librarian at CCSF for the last 2 years. I love to serve the students and the CCSF community in the library, on campus and online. I would advocate for student success and for faculty having a voice in the decision making process. CCSF has served me as a student and as a faculty member, and I would appreciate the opportunity to serve CCSF through shared governance.

  18. 18. Matthew Duckworth   mduckwor@ccsf.edu   239-3400

    I believe in student success, which means serving the wide range of City College students from recent high school graduates to older students seeking training, retraining, or transfer credits. I believe in closing the achievement gap. I believe in CCSF continuing to provide a quality education without sacrificing proper working conditions for faculty, staff, and administration. I started teaching here in 1996, and I'm proud to be a part of the City College community. Thank you.

  19. 19. Kitty Moriwaki   kmoriwak@ccsf.edu   239-3752
    Special Assignment Faculty

    I’ve served in multiple roles at CCSF – in instruction and in student services -- since 1982, when I started as a part-time, non-credit ESL instructor. I’ve taught ESL in both the noncredit and credit programs. As Assessment & Prerequisite Coordinator with the Matriculation Office, I work closely with dept chairs and program coordinators in the area of placement testing, prerequisites, and curriculum; work closely with the College Researcher on inquiries leading to improvements in student services & instruction. I serve as a consultant to the Curriculum Committee on prerequisite matters, and have served as Curriculum Committee Chair. I’m currently the 2nd Vice-President of the Exec Council, running for re-election because I now better understand how to serve as your conduit to the Exec Council so that your concerns about academic and “professional” matters will be heard. I’m very interested in maintaining the viability of CCSF programs, with attention to noncredit. Not motivated by agendas or personal ambition. Thanks.