Noncredit Syllabus

CCSF Faculty Handbook, Section 4.7.  Instructors are “to give each student pertinent written information” including your name, course and section on the chalkboard and syllabus, learning outcomes, required materials, and subject matter to be covered.  There are additional things on the list for credit classes.  (The Faculty Handbook is a link from the main CCSF webpage under Employee Services, Human Resources, Handbooks.) 

A noncredit syllabus should include:

  1.  Instructor Name
  2.  Course Name:  Title and Level
  3.  Required materials for study  (book, pencil)
  4.  Subject matter to be covered   (how to ride the bus, fill out an application)
  5.  Optional:  How students will be assessed (daily observation, completion of in-class assignments)
  6.  Official Student Learning Outcomes (refer to Course Outline of Record)

For your convenience, examples of possible syllabi have been posted here.  If you already have a form, do not discontinue using it.  Just check it for the information that is required, as listed above.  If you want to change it, by adding pictures or changing the order of information, it’s OK.  These are just examples, not requirements.

Literacy and Low Beginning Level students will not be able to read the syllabus, however, as required by the WASC Commission, it is our public responsibility to publish our student learning outcomes whether or not the student can understand them.  Our Department SLOs are posted online through the CCSF website, which has a multi-language translation capability.

                             Noncredit Major Learning Outcomes

                             Welcome to Literacy

                             Welcome to Level 1

                             Welcome to Level 2

                             Welcome to Level 3

                             Welcome to Level 4

                             Welcome to Level 5

                             Welcome to Level 6

                             Welcome to Level 7

                             Welcome to Level 8