Tech Directory

  1. Apply for Accounts: Network, Email, Mac Account, Fog website, Dept. or Project website (CMS), Banner, Insight (Powered by Moodle), WiFi at CCSF
  2. Reset Passwords

To Apply for Accounts

CCSF Network Account: To log in to CCSF Windows computers: Use the form entitled: "Information Technology Services Request for CCSF Network Login and Email". Get it Fill out and mail to the address on the form.

NOTE: THIS IS A PAPER FORM that is available from the Help Desk (239-3711; Batmale 310, Ocean campus), in the Faculty/Staff Lab (Batmale 313) and from your local ITS staff person.

CCSF 365 Email: Same form as above

CCSF Employee Gmail and Google Apps: You must first have a CCSF MS365 Email account. Once that is established, you can get a CCSFmail account. To apply for a Google mail account, open a web browser and fill out the online Employee CCSFmail Request Form

In about a week, you will receive 2 emails to your 365 account with your CCSF Gmail login and password.Once you get your account, you can sign in at

You'll also get access to Google Docs, Calendar, and sites, all within the CCSF domain. For more info, see:

The signup form for a CCSFmail (CCSF Google mail), a login link, and Student and Faculty Gmail FAQs are available off the Main CCSF page under MyCCSF.

Mac Account: Help Desk: 239-3711 or your local ITS staff person (for an individual account on a Shared Mac).

Fog Website (Instructional Website): Form called: "Information Technology Services Request for Computer Account". Choose “Unix Based Web” Under the category "Other Types of Accounts" and write "Faculty website on FOG" in the space allowed for additional information. You are free to use Dreamweaver or any other web editor or pure HTM to create your pages. But please note that CCSF cannot provide support for pages that you create with your own resources. CCSF faculty and staff are directed to Google Sites, available using a CCSFmail (Google mail) account as described above

Department or Project Website on the new Content Management System (CMS)/New CCSF Web site: Online application: for the sign-in pre-reg form for CMS trainings. The trainings are required for new accounts. The CMS does not hold individual faculty web pages: these can be created by the individual faculty members using Google Sites. For individual sites, see the Google Apps info above.

Banner Accounts: Banner holds CCSF’s financial, student and personnel records. Your supervisor will tell you if you need Banner access and how to apply.

Insight Accounts (for online and tech-enhanced courses): Insight (Powered by Moodle) is CCSF’s Learning Management system. Go to the Technology Mediated Instruction (TMI) page.

WiFi Accounts: Many CCSF locations have Wifi hotspots. CCSF students and faculty may apply for an account. Go to the WiFi Information page.

To Reset Passwords

  • CCSF Network Account Password: Service Desk: (415) 239-3711
  • CCSF Office 365 Email: (415) 239-3534 (ITS)
  • CCSF Employee Gmail: (415) 239-3534 (ITS)
  • Fog Website: Service Desk : (415) 239-3711
  • Department or Project Website: Contact the CCSF webmaster Joe Jah by email:
  • Web4 (Online Employee Records, Classlists, Web Grading) Human Resources at: (415) 241-2246
  • Moodle: Use the “Lost password?” link on the Moodle site.