About the Faculty

The Speech Communication faculty have a long-standing dedication to excellence in teaching. They utilize both traditional and non-traditional teaching methods in order to meet a variety of student learning styles. They are committed to innovation in scholarship.

Faculty specialties include interpersonal relationships, training and consulting, peace communication, invitational rhetoric, and communication apprehension. Faculty focus on qualitative as well as quantitative research. They remain connected to the ever-changing field of communication.

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Joanne Babin (415) 239-3009 Cloud 408 B C7 jbabin@ccsf.edu  
Betty Dvorson (415) 239-3222 Cloud 208 B C7 bdvorson@ccsf.edu  
Janene Frahm (415) 452-4829 Cloud 325
EV123 jfrahm@ccsf.edu  
Michelle Gorthy (415) 239-3146 Creative Arts 213 A65 mgorthy@ccsf.edu  
Sami Kudsi (415) 239-3376 Cloud 214
L221 skudsi@ccsf.edu fog.ccsf.edu/skudsi/
Charles Riggs (415) 239-3618 Cloud 408 B C7 criggs@ccsf.edu  
Nathan Steele (415) 452-7126 Cloud 408 A
C6 nsteele@ccsf.edu sites.google.com/a/mail.ccsf.edu/nathan-steele/
Ethel Tang-Quan (415) 239-3347 Science 221 S132 etang-qu@ccsf.edu www.ccsf.edu/etang-qu/
Sandra Waugh (415) 452-5014 Cloud 408 B
C7 swaugh@ccsf.edu  
Kristina Whalen (415) 452-4842 Cloud 408 C
C6 kwhalen@ccsf.edu fog.ccsf.edu/kwhalen/
Corrine Wick (415) 452-4806 Cloud 408 B
CEV corky@sfsu.edu  
Tanichya K Wongprasert (415) 239-3466 Science 221
S132 twongpra@ccsf.edu www.ccsf.edu/twongpra/