Class Prerequisite Information


If you are interested in registering for any of the following classes but have not fulfilled the prerequisite, a waiver may be obtained by successfully completing a Prerequisite Challenge Test:

PHOT 60A Beginning Photoshop
PHOT 60B Intermediate Photoshop
PHOT 67 Digital Negatives for Darkroom Printing
PHOT 81A Intermediate Photo; B & W Film/Darkroom
PHOT 81B Advanced Black & White
PHOT 82 Zone System Techniques
PHOT 83 View Camera Techniques
PHOT 85A Beginning Lighting Techniques
PHOT 85B Advanced Lighting Techniques
PHOT 86 Mixed Media and the Photographic Image
PHOT 90 Portraiture
PHOT 93 Editorial Photography
PHOT 102B Documentary/News Photography

To Schedule a Challenge Test:
Please Contact Joanne Bilodeau (415) 452-5173

Completing either the prerequisite course(s) or receiving a Prerequisite Waiver will qualify you to enroll in the course but will not guarantee that space will be available during either the registration or add/drop periods.

If you have successfully completed a course at another accredited institution that you believe is equivalent to the CCSF prerequisite course and can produce official or unofficial transcripts, contact Bob Nishihira, Photography Department Chair. Please include a catalog description of the course to verify relevant content. If approved, a Prerequisite Waiver will be issued.