Getting Started

Students are encouraged to work with a college counselor and a department program advisor to establish an education plan during the first semester of study and to review their education plan each semester. Email Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Department Chair, Francine Podenski to get started.

All Broadcast Electronic Media Arts courses are credit and degree applicable and transfer to the CSU and/or UC systems. Some courses transfer as breadth requirements and/or core major requirements to colleges and universities such as San Francisco State University (9 courses), University of California - Berkeley (3 courses), and San Francisco Art Institute (6 courses).

Certificate programs are recommended for those seeking to acquire entry-level skills, or upgrade and retool skills, and for lifelong learners preparing for career transition. Each course sequence is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop and refine essential workforce skills. Certificates include Audio and Video for the Web, Broadcast Motion Graphics, Digital Radio News, Digital Radio Performance, Digital Radio Management, Live Sound, Multimedia Journalism, Rich Media Production, Sound Design, Sound Recording, Television Production, Video Postproduction and Video Production and Editing. Click here to explore certificate programs and courses.

Broadcast Electronic Media Arts students intending to transfer or earn an Associate of Arts degree should enroll in a broad range of general education courses and select 18 or more units in Broadcast Electronic Media Arts to fulfill their major course requirement with emphasis on their particular area of interest. One option is to select a certificate course of study to fulfill major requirements for the AA degree.

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