Broadcast Media Services

Video & Multimedia Playback (Ocean Only)


Broadcast Media Services offers Monitor carts (large TV, DVD & VHS players) and Multimedia carts (projector, Mac Mini computer, speakers, DVD/VHS player).The request form is on the right along with our policy document.

Submit your request according to the instructions on the form. We'll contact you only if there is a challenge in scheduling. Please submit five working days in advance. You may call (415) 239-3525, or stop by Arts Extension 169.

Mission Campus services are available at (415) 920-6137, or go to MIS 403.

New Flat Screen Monitor

Newer Monitor Carts

We have 32" flat screen monitors for ArtX, Art, Visual Art, Cloud, and Batmale classroom requests! All flat screen carts have DVD and VHS players as well as connectivity and cables to play your PC laptop through the monitor. To connect your Apple device, you will need to supply your own adapter to VGA.


Older Monitor Carts

Our CRT standard monitor carts are available for Bungalow 700s and Science Hall. All have DVD and VHS players; however, they do not have connectivity for PC laptops.

We will replace these older monitors when money magically appears.

Multimedia Cart Rearview

Multimedia Carts

Each of our multimedia carts have: a Mac Mini (computer), keyboard, mouse, projector, powered speakers, VHS player, ethernet cable, and extra VGA and audio cable to hook your own laptop to our projector. You can play your DVD through the Mac Mini. The instructions are posted in the right column of this page.