Assessment Highlights

During the Fall of 2012, HED faculty completed the following SLO assessment activities:

Course SLO Assessment Plans:

    • Plans were submitted for 48 Health Education courses via CCSF SLO website.  Thirty-three faculty are participating in the assessment of 34 courses.

Assessment of Course SLOs:

    • Faculty were directed to assess course SLOs using an Excel spreadsheet that maps course assignments to course SLOs.  The  spreadsheet serves as a basis of tracking student performance against SLOs.   Faculty document the percentage of students who received grades or points equivalent to 75- 80% or higher for each assignment. 
      • Academic courses.   The Department Chair and Assistant Chair supervised faculty in the assessment of academic courses.  For courses with multiple sections taught by more than one faculty member, full-time faculty coordinator led working groups and summarized assessment outcomes.  
      • CTE courses.  CTE Program Coordinators led the assessment of all courses in their programs.

CTE Program level SLOs and maps:

    • All CTE Programs have PSLOs documented in the College Catalog and on the Health Education Department website.  PSLO Maps were approved by the Curriculum Committee for all CTE programs in the Fall of 2012.  The maps document how required CTE program courses meet PSLOs at the introductory (I), developing (D) and mastery (M) levels.

Department Major:

    • The Health Education Department Major was revised and approved by Curriculum Committee.  A PSLO Map for the Major was also approved.

Department SLO Webpage:

    • A new webpage was added to our department website.  The webpage provides:
      • All Health Education course SLOs.
      • Documentation of all course and Program SLO assessment stages (stages 1-5).
      • The most recent Department Program Review.
      • Student Equity Committee Summary Report

Development of an electronic directory of curricula resources including course assignments and assessment tools:

    • Faculty posted curricula resources including syllabi, course assignments and grading rubrics online in a shared department drive.  To date, faculty have posted more than 60 curricula resources to the new site.

Student Equity Committee:

    • The work of the HED Student Equity Committee was described earlier in this report.  We want to highlight here that this work is part of our SLO assessment vision.   The SEC evaluated various indicators of student success – including retention and GPA – and analyzed the data by ethnicity.  Nationwide students of color lag behind white students in terms of academic achievement.  
    • Students of color have higher rates of achievement in the HED than at CCSF overall.   HED Faculty engaged in a robust discussion about available student success data, and decided to conduct additional research into specific courses in which students of color performed higher than the department average (in terms of retention and GPA).   Faculty were interested to learn what factors might be responsible for the enhanced achievement of students of color. Research included additional surveys with students from selected classes and interviews with department faculty. Results were summarized and shared in the Department Flex Day meeting, with a lively discussion of best classroom practices.  A report was sent to all department faculty.