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SLO Assessment Process

The SOCIAL SCIENCES department's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment process is documented and described below. For more details, please contact the department chair, and view the rest of our department website.

Department Assessment Process

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Program Outcomes

Majors, certificates, and programs are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. See program details below, with links to SLOs and timeline for advancing to next stage of assessment.

Course Outcomes

Course outlines are on a regular cycle of review, during which class outcomes are updated and revised. See details below, with links to SLOs or course outlines with embedded SLOs and a timeline for advancing to next stage of assessment.

Course title
AM C 11A. American Civilization
AM C 11B. American Civilization
AMS 5. Comics, Power and Society
ECONOMICS -- All Course SLOs
ECON 1. Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 3. Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 5. Introductory Statistics
ECON 6. International Economics
ECON 10. Economic History of the United States
ECON 25. Women in the Economy
ECON 30. Economics of the African American Community
HISTORY -- All Course SLOs

HIST 1. The United States Since 1900
HIST 3A. The People's Century (TV)
HIST 3B. The People's Century (TV)
HIST 4A. Western Civilization
HIST 4B. Western Civilization
HIST 5. Europe Since 1900
HIST 9. Immigrants in American History
HIST 12A. United States Women's History
HIST 12B. United States Women's History
HIST 15A. The Indian in North America
HIST 15B. The Indian in North American
HIST 17A. The United States
HIST 17B. The United States
HIST 18A. History of Latin America
HIST 18B. History of Latin America
HIST 20. History of Mexico
HIST 21. History of the Mexican-American/Chicano
HIST 31. The History of England
HIST 32. History of Russia
HIST 33. History of South Asia
HIST 34. The History of Japan
HIST 35A. History of China
HIST 35B. History of China
HIST 36. History of Southeast Asia
HIST 37. History of the Philippines
HIST 38. The Antebellum South in American History
HIST 39. The United States Presence in the Western Pacific Rim: An Introduction
HIST 40. California History
HIST 41A. The African American in the United States
HIST 41B. The African American in the United States
HIST 44. Comparative History of Overseas Chinese
HIST 45. Lesbian and Gay American History
HIST 46. Independent Studies in History
HIST 47A, B, C. Discussions in History
HIST 47D. U.S. Gay & Lesbian Reform and Libertion Movements World War II to Present
HIST 48. African History
HIST 49. History of San Francisco
HIST 50. United States Railroad History
HIST 51, 2, 3. Selected Topics in History
   HIST 53A. The Civil War
PHIL 2. Introduction to Philosophy: Morality and Politics
PHIL 4. Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Its Limits
PHIL 12A. Symbolic Logic
PHIL 12B. Symbolic Logic
PHIL 25A. Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 25C. Modern Philosophy through Kant
PHIL 40. Logic: An Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHIL 51, 2, 3. Selected Topics in Philosophy
   PHIL 53A. Wilderness, Society and Self
POLS 1. American Government
POLS 2. Comparative Government
POLS 3. Political Theory
POLS 4. The Politics of Globalization
POLS 5. International Relations
POLS 6. Problems of Political Association
POLS 7. American Politics and the African American Community
POLS 8. Political Problems of Latin Americans
POLS 9. Campaigns and Elections
POLS 10. United States Foreign Policy
POLS 12. Ethnic Politics in the United States
POLS 13. Latin American & Latino/a Cross-Border Social Movements
POLS 18. Government and Politics of Latin America
POLS 20. The Politics and Policies of Cities
POLS 22. Environmental Politics and Policy
POLS 25. Political Action
POLS 30. Voter Education & Mobilization
POLS 35. Governments and Politics of East Asia
POLS 41. Independent Studies in Political Science
POLS 42A, B, C, D. Discussions in Political Science
POLS 43. The Constitution and Individual Rights
POLS 45. Government and Politics of Middle East
POLS 46. American Political System
POLS 47. Government and Politics of Southeast Asia
POLS 48. Government and Politics of Africa
POLS 51, 2, 3. Selected Topics in Political Science
   POLS 53A. "Tales of the City": SF Government & Politics