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Ardel Thomas

I am an Aries - a fire sign. I am born in the year of the Dragon - another fiery symbol. That means I have tons of energy and am very excited about life. I love to garden. I hate flying. I love good coffee. I think there is nothing finer than a soyrizo burrito at the taqueria Papalote on 24th and Valencia. I am a vegetarian often bordering on vegan.

I was originally a pre-med student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. But the mountain air, political activism during the 1980's, awesome coffee shops, and wonderful (many LGBT) professors helped me realize that I would prefer to major in Creative Writing and Women's Studies. People would often look at me and say, quite belligerently, "So, what are you gonna do? *TEACH*?!" Well, yes, actually, teaching is one of the biggest loves of my life.

During my undergraduate degree from 1983 to 1987 at CU Boulder, I supplemented my income by working for a home health care service in which I met and worked with several wonderful and differently abled clients ranging from folks with Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy, people recovering from strokes, and quadriplegics. In the summers, I worked at a special populations day camp for children ages 5-18.

I wanted to stay in Boulder for my Master's Degree, and so, in 1990, I became a student in the English Department. During this time, many of my friends were running around trying to find classes they could be teaching assistants for. I was very lucky because I had a friend who told me about a very special program at CU Boulder in the University Learning Center (ULC). The ULC caters specifically to students on academic probation, returning students and multilingual students - for those of you who are football fans, I taught Kordell Stewart who was the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers for a few years and is now playing for the Baltimore Ravens. This was a pivotal job and learning experience for me because so many of my teaching ethics and ideas about access to education for ALL PEOPLE were fostered here.

For my Master's Degree, I wrote a thesis on Lesbian Language in Toni Morrison's Beloved. I was also encouraged by two of my professors to apply to Stanford University.

I got in to Stanford! where I earned my PhD from Stanford University in 1998. The program I came out of is called Modern Thought and Literature - it is an interdisciplinary program. My main area of study was 19th Century British Cultural Studies focusing on Empire and Sexuality. I also have a sub-specialty in Gothic Horror. Within all of this, though, I focused on multicultural issues and queer studies.

After my PhD, I was asked to stay on at Stanford in order to diirect the Community Service Writing Program in which I connected numerous classes every quarter with 200 non-profits throughout the Bay Area. My own courses I taught had a Feminist Studies and/or Queer Studies theme. I actually taught the first Queer Rhetoric course that Stanford offered.

I have published two articles on Queer Gothic Horror and have co-authored (with Carolyn Ross) a service-learning textbook.

In 2004, I decided to leave Stanford University because I wanted to teach in the community college setting. I got a tenure track job in Lexington, Kentucky. I had also lived in San Francisco (not Palo Alto) for 12 years! YIKES! CULTURE SHOCK!

Then, in January 2005, I found an ad for LGBT Studies at CCSF. City College of San Francisco?????? LGBT Studies???????? My dream job if only I could land it! Soooo..........

Here I am now in my second year - my first year as chair. I am having such a FABULOUS time teaching LGBT Studies and English 1A at CCSF!!!!!

I am a stepmother and an auntie.

My partner and I are hoping to adopt sometime in the next couple of years. We have a lovable Pug named Webster, (pictures may be posted soon), and a wonderful cat named Otto (who cordially declined to be interviwed).




Ardel in Greece


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Ardel's Published Works

Queer Monstrosities: Sexuality, Race, and Class in Victorian Gothic Horror.

Forthcoming from University of Wales Press, 2010.

"Lesbian Issues in a Global Context."

Forthcoming from Oxford University Press, 2009.

"Monstrous Nothingness and Queer Echoes in E.M. Forster's A Passage to India."

Forthcoming in the anthology Queering the Gothic, Manchester UP, 2008.

"Writing for Real: A Handbook for Writers in Community Service" (co-authored with Carolyn Ross).

New York: Addison, Wesley, and Longman, 2003.

"Thieves at the Dinner Table: Queer, Racial, and National Amalgamations in Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone."

Fictions of Unease: The Gothic From Otranto to the X-Files. Ed. William Hughes. Bath: Sulis Press, 2002.

"Gay and Lesbian Culture in London"; "Lesbian Detectives"; "Queer Sexuality and Empire" (co-authored with Leslie Minot).

The Reader's Guide to Gay and Lesbian Studies. Timothy Murphy, editor. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 1999.

Biographies of Cheryl Clarke and Pat Parker. The Oxford Companion to Women's Writing in the United States.

Cathy N. Davidson and Linda Wagner-Martin, editors. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.

Gold Medal

I won a gold medal in powerlifting in Amsterdam in 1998 at the Gay Games. In 2002, I won another gold medal in powerlifitng at the Gay Games in Sydney. I have just returned from the Gay Games in Chicago - with a silver and a bronze medal in.....SWIMMING!!!!! Yep, Changed sports.

Ardel with Gold Medal

In the News


FEBRUARY 19-25, 2007


Diana Markham, Karen Cox, Lisa Harrison, Ardel Thomas earn CVC awards

Four CCSF online instructors have been selected to receive a CVC Online Teaching Award for their online course. The CVC Online Education Awards Program is designed to stimulate and foster the development of shareable online teaching materials within the California Community College System. CVC received applications from community college instructors throughout California. In this first round of CVC's two-phase award competition, each faculty member will receive a $1,000 stipend and have an opportunity to compete in the next round for additional recognition and compensation. The stipend for the first round gives instructors funding for modifying their course. The winners are:

Diana Markham: Physical Science (PSC 11)

Karen Cox: Advanced Composition (ENGL 40)

Lisa Harrison: Lifespan Development (PSYC 21)

Ardel Thomas: Intro to Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Studies (GLST5)

Thomas took over the GLST 5 online course developed by Bob Gurney, who passed away last Fall. The award recipients will be enhancing their course during the spring 2007 semester; their courses will be reviewed again by the CVC judges for additional recognition and compensation. Three winners will be selected during the second round. Over the past five years CCSF online instructors have received two national and five statewide awards for their online courses. CCSF offers over 100 online courses for busy professionals who want to complete their degree, transfer to a four-year college or university, or to further their education and skills.

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