March 22

It is your future!

Have your voice be heard!!

On March 22, 2010 students, faculty, staff, administrators, and constituent groups of California Community Colleges from across the state will rally to our State Capitol in Sacramento to let the Governor, the legislators, and the public know that we demand quality education.

With over 3.5 million students in the California public higher education system, it is time to act! Skyrocketing fees, fewer class offerings, and devastating cuts crucial to student services are creating insurmountable barriers to student success.

Sign up NOW to march to Sacramento and defend your right to education and a better future! March is a month of major Student Advocacy! The “March in March” may be the largest student march in California history!

We already have over 8,000 students committed to marching with us on Monday the 22nd from California Community Colleges and 2,000 students from the CSUs as well - We want YOU to march with us and join in our struggle! Do not get left out! On March 22, you can also do more than march in Sacramento. We encourage you to contact your local elected representatives in Sacramento and set up meetings to discuss the benefits of Community Colleges, not only to individuals, but to the future economic prosperity of California.

We also encourage you to set up team visits in your local areas for "Follow-up Friday on March 26, 2010. We look forward to marching with you on Monday, March 22, 2010!

For your convenience are documents to help you spread the word and prepare for the march. "Flyers/Forms" . Please feel free to modify some of them for use on your campuses.

For questions, please contact:

Bradley Stottler

Student Senator