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Career Development & Placement Center

Students & Alumni

Career counseling
rop in and appointments are available to students/alumni seeking assistance in choosing their major and/ career choices. Career counselors will assist in career assessment, career exploration, career planning, and career coaching/mentoring.

Job Search Counseling
Appointments are also available to student/alumni seeking assistance in job preparation, job development and job placement.

Career and Job Advising Online
Careerchat will provide a quick answer to any questions that student or prospective students have regarding certificates, degrees and transferable coursework at CCSF. Careerchat will also advise students seeking career or job assistance. Just email:

Job Placement Service

Career Connection provides CCSF students with current job listings from business and nonprofit organizations. Students can also suscribe to recieve this information at home. Other career and job resources are also available.


MonsterTrak.Com is now offering job and internship placement referrals and other resources online directly without the need of a password.



calJobsCal Jobs is a California Development Department website that offers job seeking information and job placement registration.


Students can now access workstudy and lab aide job openings throughout CCSF
campuses by clicking on


Job Binders
Job binders and job boards can be found at each of the CCSF-CDPC Career Centers. Both the binders and job boards post jobs and internship announcements that are interested in recruiting CCSF students including Career Connection job orders. For questions or more information please email or see our Resources & Links webpage.

50 Phelan Avenue, Science Hall, Room 127 San Francisco, CA 94112 (415) 239-3117