Student Health FAQ


Office Location: Health Center, Room 100. Phone number: (415) 239-3110.


1. Question: May I use the Health Center if I am a faculty member?

Answer: If you are a faculty member, we ask you to go to your own health care provider instead of Student Health Services. However, we do provide you with low-cost TB testing and flu vaccinations. Please call (415) 239-3110 for the most current pricings. In addition, if you are experiencing a health emergency on Ocean campus during our operating hours, we will respond to you as immediate as possible

2. Question: I am an international student. May I use Student Health Services?

Answer: If you are currently taking at least 0.5 units of credit classes and have paid the mandatory Health Fee, you may receive services at Student Health Center as all City College credit students.  If your concerns/request for services cannot be addressed at SHS, a referral will be given to you for you to see a provider under your international student insurance.  Additionally, when you are referred to your doctor from SHS, you pay less or no co-pay.

3. Question:  I am a student taking non-credit classes only; may I use Student Health Services?

Answer:  Student Health is supported by Health Fee paid by students taking credit classes, thus we are unable to provide health or psychological services to non credit students except TB tests for work study or lab aide positions.


3. Question: What kind of services do you provide?

Answer: As credit student, you may come for any of the following services: mental health counseling, women's and men's health clinics, low cost lab services, health screenings like cholesterol testing, blood pressure check, and TB screening, selected immunization (MMR, Td, Hep A, HepB, TwinRix, influenza, gardasil, Tdap), vision referrals, as well as nursing assessment and treatment of common acute illnesses like cold or skin rashes. For a more comprehensive list of our services, please visit our website ( Also, please feel free to ask us over the phone (415) 239-3110 or in person if you have any questions about specific services.

4. Question: Do you have dental services?

Answer: Student Health does not have any dental service provider, but you are welcome to request to speak with a nurse practitioner about getting a referral to meet your specific needs. Our staff can also provide you with a list of community clinics and agencies.

5. Question: What is the process of getting a TB test?

Answer: All new student workers, faculty, and staff planning to work on campus must show proof of negative two-step tuberculin (TB) skin test or negative chest X-ray or negative Quantiferon (QFT) TB blood test. At City College, the two-step tuberculosis (TB) skin test consists of four visits. On your first visit, we place the first skin test on your arm Forty-eight to 72 hours after this first visit, come back to us during our operating hours for the result/reading of the skin test, at which point we can schedule an appointment for the second test for you at a time that is at least one (1) week after the first test. Forty-eight to 72 hours after this second test, you must return to the clinic for the last time so we can do an accurate reading. You will not need an appointment for the result/reading. TB skin test for initial hire takes about ten days to complete. For re-clearance, the one-step procedure takes only about three days.

6. Do I have to pay for the TB test?

Answer: The least expensive place to go for a TB test / chest X-ray referral is the Student Health Center. This service is free for students who are currently enrolled in credit classes and have a photo CCSF ID. For non-credit students, the cost for TB test is $15.00 to be paid with check, cash or credit card at Conlan Hall, E104 before coming to the Health Center.

7. Question: What is the reason for the two-step?

Answer: One-step TB tests are more likely to give false answers; two-step TB tests can pick up individuals who have had past tuberculosis infections but whose immune response to the skin test has waned over time. The clinical significance of the two-step is that it establishes a true baseline and lessens the likelihood of misinterpreting a boosted reaction as a new finding. This helps the patients to avoid unnecessary investigation and treatment.

8. Question: How do I get tested for an STI (sexually transmitted infection) at the Health Center?

Answer: STI screening services may be available to you at Student Health Center at a reduced rate or at no cost if you meet the screening criterias. Our staff will help you determine your eligibility for federal and state grant programs that provide free STI testing. Making a consultation appointment with a nurse practitioner is your first step if you want to be tested. Call (415) 239-3100 or come to the Health Center to make the appointment. In a confidential setting your questions will be answered, and the nurse practitioner will help you choose the best testing option.

9. Question: Do you do X-ray at the Health Center?

Answer: No. Students who need X-ray services are usually referred by the Health Center to appropriate agencies that have X-ray equipment located on-site. When you need an X-ray referral, call or come in and our staff will assist you to set up an appointment.

10. Question: Can I get blood tests done at the Health Center?

Answer: Yes. You can come to the Health Center for most blood tests at affordable prices. Call or come to make a consultation appointment with a nurse practitioner and remember to bring any requisitions or required forms to the appointment.

11. Question: Can I donate blood at the Health Center?

Answer: Although student organizations have run blood drives on campus in the past, the Health Center is not a blood donating facility; however, we encourage you to give blood if you can at the local blood centers

12. Question: Can I still get my prescription exams for eyeglasses at the Health Center?

Answer: A nurse practitioner can help you determine whether or not you need eyeglasses. If you already are using glasses and need to update your prescriptions, come to the Health Center, and our designated office staff will refer you to an optometrist for a discounted examination.

13. Question: Do you prescribe psychological medications?

Answer: If you are looking to get help with mental health, the Health Center can assist you. While our therapists do not prescribe any psychological medications, they can refer you to agencies where prescribing psychiatrists are available. For more information, give us a call or come to the Health Center to speak with our designated staff in a confidential setting.

14. Question: Can I get a physical exam/clearance for work or school?

Answer: The Health Center does not provide physical exams. If you have a family doctor or primary care provider, we encourage you to go to them. If you don’t have your own primary care provider, please come to the Health Center and our staff will provide you with a list of local resources and community health clinics where physical exam services are available.

15. Question: Do you have gynecological services?

Answer: Yes, the services are free of charge for those who qualify for FPACT (federal and state program). You can access gynecological and family planning services, such as an annual pap, birth control methods, emergency contraceptives, pregnancy testing, and education, counseling and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) at the Health Center. For those who do not meet the criteria for FPACT, going rate is charged or appropriate referrals will be made. Our professional staff can offer you further assistance.

16. Question: Why do I have to wait and see a nurse practitioner if I only want an Advil or Tylenol?

Answer: It is illegal for non-licensed provider to hand out any medications, even Advil or Tylenol, to patients. A nurse practitioner will need to assess the patient for allergic reactions and rule out other potentially serious medical conditions before dispensing medications.

17. Question: Can I get nutritional counseling at Student Health?

Answer: Yes, “A Healthy Me” wellness program offers individual nutrition counseling, Body mass Index (BMI) and body fat percentage analysis, and complete dietary assessment. Contact SHS to make an appointment with our Health Educator. Also, contact SHS to take advantage of the nutrition clinic happening every spring semester at the Health Center; Run by the City College Nutrition Assistant (NA) Program.

18. Question: Do you provide any referrals?

Answer: Yes. We understand the importance of getting specific and appropriate care. Please make an appointment. One of our nurse practitioners will assess your level of need so they can help you start the process of receiving care at an outside clinic or hospital.

19. Question: Do I have to make an appointment to be seen or can I just walk in?

Answer: To provide the most efficient care, we strongly urge you making an appointment. While we do see emergencies and acute illnesses by walk-in, all non-urgent needs should have an appointment scheduled.


20. Question: What are your hours and days of operation?

Answer: The most up-to-date schedules are posted on the Student Health website, or announced through flyers, brochures, or posting on the front door of the Health Center.

21. Question: Hey, I work all day. Why are you not open on weekends or after 6:00 PM?

Answer: We understand it would be more convenient if the hours can accommodate all full-time working professionals. However, the Health Center’s hours are mainly determined by budgetary and financial restraints as well as the utilization pattern of services. As you would for your own doctor’s office or any other clinic, the best thing we recommend you to do is to make an appointment on a day when you are available, and our Health Center will provide the quality services that you need.

22. Question: What if I have an urgent medical problem on campus?

Answer: Call Campus Police 239-3200, or 911, or go to the nearest Emergency Room. Student Health also responds to on-campus health emergencies when we are open and have medical/nursing staff available.

Health Fee

23. Question: Why do I have to pay the Health Fee?

Answer: All students currently enrolled in 0.5 or more units of credit classes are required to pay a mandatory Student Health Fee each semester. The Health Fee supports the direct medical and psychological services at the Health Center, as well as many ongoing efforts that foster an overall healthy campus community. Your support is making our college a healthier community; we thank you for your support.

24. Question: Do I have to pay the Health Fee if I already have my own insurance?

Answer: Yes. The main purpose of the Health Fee is for all of us to contribute to a healthier campus community. Many insured students come to the Heath Center for services because the location and hours are more convenient for them and appointments are more easily made here than they are at other practices.

25. Question: Does the Health Fee entitle me to health insurance?

Answer: No. You will not be covered by the Health Fee for services rendered outside the Health Center. It is your responsibility to seek and decide on your own health insurance.

26. What does my health fee cover/pay for? Why does not my health fee pay for services such as x-rays, lab test, medications?

Answer:  the nominal health fee collected cannot cover any other expenses than the professional personnel.