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Assessment Process

Assessment Process

  1. A Student Health Services representative has participated in the CCSF Support Services Division outcomes-assessment meetings since 2006.
  2. Outcome assessments continue to be developed, implemented, revised, and refined for both sides of our services: the Medical/Nursing division and the Psychological Services division. 
  3. Areas of learning to be assessed are determined from robust SHS staff meeting dialog.  The assessment process and development of assessment tools are discussed both independently and collaboratively among all Student Health Services staff.
  4. Assessment results are discussed at multiple staff meetings and at focused SLO meetings. They are reported in the SHS annual program review and CurricuNET.  Hard copies are kept in the outcomes-assessment binder at the department chair's desk as well as in an electronic folder on the department chair desktop and on the SHS assessment website.
  5. Assessment tools are adapted as indicated by data findings as part of continual review.
  6. Programmatic changes are implemented as informed by assessment.


SLO Departmental Meetings

  • October 20, 2015 FLEX Day
  • August 14,2015 FLEX Day
  • January 9, 2015 FLEX Day
  • Monthly All-staff meetings
  • Weekly Mental Health Provider Meetings
  • Monthly Nurse Practitioner Meetings
  • Monthly Front Office Meetings  


*All meeting minutes are available in the department's shared electronic "Staff Meeting Minutes" file.