Assessment Highlights


CCSF Student Health Services

Current Year Assessments: 

  • Direct Student Services Clinician Productivity (Data kept in department by Director)
  • Psychological Services Individual Counseling (Data and reports in department)
  • Psyhologicial Groups and Workshops (Data and reports in department)


Medical/Nursing Prior and Continuing Assessment Tools:


Individual and Group Psycholgoical Assessment tools, data, and reports are available in department:


Fall 2014 Groups


  • Trauma Education and Support
  • Is Someone in Your Life Using Too Much Alcohol or Drugs?
  • Reduce Stress through Mindfulness and Tame Your Inner Critic!
  • Procrastinaion - Stop Waiting Around!
  • Overcome Anxiety and Self-Consciousness
  • Tools for Improving Your Mood
  • Stop Your Panic Attacks Now

Sample Reports of Past Outcomes-Assessment Surveys:


Medical/Nursing Training Site for the following CCSF Programs:

CCSF Medical Assisting Program Externships

CCSF LVN Program Externships

CCSF Nutrition Aide Program

CCSF Service Learning Program

CCSF HIT/HCT Program Externships



Psychological Services Training Programs:

Post doc Psychologist training site

Post-Masters MFT, LCSW training site

Health Education Programs (Fall 2012 - Spring 2014)

Community Wellness Programs:

Annual Fall Health Fair offering low cost and free services to CCSF students and employees such as influenza vaccines, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, anemia screening

Spring 2012 Community Health Fair offering low cost and free health informational services to CCSF students and employees and the CCSF San Francisco community

Spring 2013 the SF Tuberculosis Control Section and Student Health Services commemorated World TB Day at CCSF. The event provided free screening for Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B for students who qualified.

Classroom Presentations and Outreach

Nurse Practitioners do presentations about our services, family planning, emergency/first aid, etc. as requested by classroom faculty.

Mental Health therapists do presentations about SHS services, anxiety, depression, etc. as requested by classroom faculty.

Flex Day Presentations:

Jan 2013 FLEX:  Disruptive Students, What Are Your Options?

Fall 2013 FLEX: Supporting Students in Distress

Fall 2014 FLEX: The Distressed Students