About Us


To provide health care services to support and promote the physical and psychological health of the students at City College of San Francisco.  As an integral part of the Student Development Division, the professional staff in nursing/medical and psychological services, and the classified staff function collaboratively to promote student retention, satisfaction, and achievement through open and hospitable access, direct clinical care, consultation, and referral to assist students in maintaining and promoting mental and physical health within available resources.


Our Team

Becky Perelli, RN, MS - Program Director  
Paula Cahill, NP - Department Chair  
Chris Brodie    
Eri Ikeda, MEA    
Fernando Rodriguez III    
Margaret Mendiola    
Michael Snider, MEA    
George Martiniano Jr.    
Christen Visci, NP Betty Wong, LCSW
Jane Ernstthal, NP Felicia King, LCSW
Julie Ososke, NP Jody Friedman, LCSW
Mary Redfern, NP Rik Isensee, LCSW
Maya Bratt, NP Sam Edwards, LCSW
Paula Cahill, NP Shannon Brown, PsyD
Physician Director Consultant  
Susan George, MD