Equity Professional Development

The process for requesting equity professional development funds to support registration cost for conferences, workshops or classes is same as the process for requesting faculty travel funds.

However, the forms get routed to a different person in the District Business Office and the rules about what you can be compensated for are different.

The activity must also be directly related to student equity. For a full description of eligible activities. Please see: Student Equity Expenditure Guidelines

Tessa Henderson-Brown, Associate Dean of Student Equity, will not approve requests that don't match this criteria.

Applying for Faculty Professional Development Funds through Equity Professional Development

Watch the video tutorial about how to complete this process.  

NOTE: Currently the Office of Student Equity does not have an extra PD budget to support your travel request to cover registration costs for conference, workshop, or class for this Fall 2017, please come back in Spring 2018.  However, you can work with your Dean or Department Chairperson to request faculty travel funds which our Equity Office may have allocated directly to your department. 

Please see 2017-18 Equity Professional Development Projects to verify if your project has already been approved for Equity PD Funding for Fall 2017.

Faculty Professional Development Funds for Conferences, Workshops and Classes


Equity Professional Development funds can be used for the registration cost of conferences, workshops and classes in California. The state will not compensate faculty for other costs or out-of-state conferences.

Although Equity funds can’t be used for travel or food, faculty could request funds from the faculty travel budget for the travel portion of the conference.

Procedures to Apply for Equity Professional Development Funds:

BEFORE the event:

NOTE: Requisitions through Equity must be submitted at least three weeks before the start date of the activity to Student Equity following the procedures below.

For group registration with a discount, ONE invoice should indicate all names of participants but it depends on the company. Otherwise, the department head/chair should attach a list of all participant names to the invoice to help track the traveler’s names.  Each vendor has different requirement for registration, therefore, the dept. head/chair should contact the vendor for more details. 

1. Complete the Requisition Travel Order Form with all required signatures and required amounts. The activities must be completed and all reimbursement paperwork submitted by November 30, 2017.   

a. NOTE: The amount of your request must be within the amount your department has been allocated and can only cover registration costs for conference, workshop, or class. If you'd like to receive reimbursement for Faculty Travel Costs (lodging, transport, meals, etc.) please contact Fred Teti at fteti@ccsf.edu.

2. Download and fill out the  Equity PD Funding Form explaining your request.

a. NOTE: Activity information is required.

Please attach a brochure, agenda or printed information with a brief description of the conference, meeting, workshop, or class.   

3. Please include a copy of the organization’s brochure or printed information with a brief description of the conference, meeting, workshop, seminar, or class.

4. If two or more funds are sharing the cost, please indicate the FOAPAL so encumbrances can be properly distributed. 

AFTER the event:


Off-Campus Conferences - Participation in off-campus conferences requires completion of a Professional Development Report

Review and Payment:

1. You will receive an expense form from the District Business Office (DBO), which you will fill out and send back to us.

2. After final review of the accuracy of documents, Dean of Student Equity will approve or sign off the expense report and submit to DBO.  DBO will send reimbursement check to the mailbox you provided on the travel order request form.

3. Once you are approved, you attend your event. Keep all your receipts from the event.

4. After the event occurs, you will receive an expense form from the DBO, which you will fill out and mail back to them with all your receipts.

5. They will review your documents for accuracy and then send a check to the address that you provided.


Requesting Equity Funds for Workshops and Presenters:

If you are bringing in an outside presenter for a professional development workshop or seminar, you need to get approval first from Associate Dean, Tessa Henderson-Brown.

Please fill out the Equity Workshop/Presenter Form for your request.

Once you have approval, your presenter will fill out a short-term contract agreement and W-9 Tax ID form.

Below are links for the contract and W-9 form. Once the presenter completes the form, you can forward it back to Ivy Chau (ichau@ccsf.edu) and she can start processing the services agreement. 

Short Term Contract

IRS W9 Form

New Vendor File Maintance Form


Please feel free to contact Christopher Howe chowe@ccsf.edu with questions about these processes.