Equity Funded Projects 

Projects and Activities Listed by Indicators (2018-2019)

Programs Focusing on the Access Indicator

Summer Bridge

Mission Center Programs and Services Orientation


Food vouchers for HARTS 

DSPS: Mobility/Orientation Assistance for Bllind Students

Student Services Counselors (TULAY, VASA, AASP)


IT bucket

Puente - IPADS 

Grants and Resource Development - IT

QRC - LGBTQ: Computers 



Student Ambassador Expansion - Student Mentors Training

Philippine Studies Outreach & Engagement

Programs Focusing on Course Completion 


Childcare: Family Resource Center

Books: Associate Students Book Loan Program


Coordination of peer and professional tutors

Ongoing tutoring/mentoring: (Chem, Psyc, CMST, Social Sciences - Pol Sci, Econ, AFAM, Project Survive, FSC, VASA, JAD Center, Waypass) 

Supplemental Instruction

Centralized training and support for professional tutors and peer mentors

Professional Tutors: Social Justice, DSPS, Acct, Econ, Chem, Stats, Physics, Metro, Engl, MRSD) 

Project Survive: Healing and Mentorship in Our Community of Survivors

Project Survive Community Building 


Programs Focusing on ESL, English and Math

ESL Mission Equity Plan - Puente I-BEST


English Sequence Redesign Faculty Training in Acceleration 

English Embedded Tutors/Supplemental Instructors -Basic Skills & CCSF Center Tutors

English Lab Redesign and Implementation FIG


Training for Math Instructors

Developmental Mathematics Community of Practice


Programs Focusing on Degrees and Certificate Completion

Fire Science Mentoring Program

Student Development Initiatives



Programs Focusing on Transfer Rates






Programs for Improving All Indicators

Office of Student Equity


Tutorial Services - Equity Tutor/Mentor Coordinator


Professional Development


Program Review 

Student Initiated Projects 


Professional Development on/off campus

The Defamation Experience 

Black Lives Matter

Philippine Studies

Healing and Mentoring in Our Community of Survivors

Project Survive Community Building

HR/MIP - ACUE Course

English Embedded Tutoing Program PD/CoP

Math Community of Practice/Training

Math Training for LAD professional/peer tutors 

Philippine Studies: Freedom School Project

Puente: Speaker Series



Construction Management Pathways Initiative

Metro Transfer Academies  



Equity, Professional Development, Completion, Tutorial Services

Digital Literacy Project: DLP


Foster Youth Program: Guardian Scholars

Homeless: HARTS


Women’s Studies

Project Survive

Metro Transfer Academies  

English Embedded Tutor Program  



Supplemental Books

Reserve textbooks (short term borrow)