Equity Resources

Get Involved:

Join or go to the Student Equity Strategies (SES) Committee, which advises the Academic Senate on effective strategies for achieving student equity and fosters college-wide dialog on the achievement gap and progress of under-represented students.

Go to the SES web site to check out current membership and meeting dates and times.

The Election and Beyond:

The U.S. just completed a highly charged election that left a lot of people feeling confused and vulnerable. The caustic rhetoric throughout the campaigns caused many to wonder about our ability to engage in civil, fact-based conversations and to authentically listen to what others have to say. 

This guide was created by CCSF Library and the CCSF community. It is intended to support the College vision statement by providing an inclusive forum for information and resources that support student success and help the community move forward post-election.

Educational Resources:

3CSN: Northern California Learning Network

The Northern California Learning Network (NCLN) is one of seven regional networks established by the California Community Colleges’ Success Network (3CSN). With 3CSN’s infrastructure and support, each region’s coordinator  facilitates professional development events  centered on effective practices for promoting student success across disciplines, programs, and campuses.  

Professional Learning Network

The Professional Learning Network is a one-stop site for effective practices, trainings, and other resources for California Community Colleges faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees. The purpose of the Professional Learning Network, which was launched in April 2016, is to provide information and resources to college personnel on improving operations and student success. The Professional Learning Network is funded by the CCC Chancellor’s Office as part of the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative.

American Council on Education

ACUE (the Association of College and University Educators) is a new company founded in 2014 by leaders in higher education to advance effective instruction, support college educators, and promote student success. ACUE partners with colleges and universities to implement scalable, research-based faculty development programs leading to a Certificate in Effective College Instruction.


One of the best-known and most respected online professional training websites is free to CCSF instructors. It is also available to California Community Colleges professionals at no cost through the PLN website.

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative.

Center for Urban Education

CUE (The Center for Urban Education) is the creator of the Equity Scorecard Process, which is an action research process that includes theories of change, tools, framework and sustainability practices that allow campuses to address equity gaps and embed practices for sustained change. Various aspects of Equity Scorecard Process are used with campus collaborations across the United States.